Dec get close to southeast asiaUsa general MacArthur invaded

Dec 8 1941February 3, 1945 – March 3, 1945American and philippines vs japanMay 6 the japanese captured manila and 15,00 peopleOver 100,000 people diedPhilippines wanted to take over manila againJapan needed to take control of the philippines to be closer to other targetsOn 1942 almost all the buildings in the city were destroyedThat attack right after pearl harbour so the usa was weak and couldn’t help the philippinesManila was a open cityThey defeated japan on march 3 1945They needed Manila to get close to southeast asiaUsa general MacArthur invaded Luzon (biggest island in philippines)MacArthur’s invasion started in late 1944First invaded leyte then mindoro then luzonAir strips made in mindoro to attack luzonOn january 9 1945, they arrived at the west coast of luzonThe usa walked to manila and didn’t face any attacks until they neared manilaThe currency went down by lotsDidn’t rebuild until ten years later.In january 29 they arrived in manilaThe usa and philippines were on the north and south side of manilaThere were 2,000 japanese soldiers in manila and 5,000 locals, they all diedThe japanese blew up their ammunition dump and it killed 200 japaneseMarch 3 they finally defeated the japaneseIn july 1945 the fighting was announced overIn 1942, the us and filipinos were outnumbered and out of ammunition.It was during january when they came in 1945They occupied her school in infantaShe was 11 years old during the invasionShe lived in infanta They had to go to the water and there where usa speed boats who took them to another small island.The boat could only fit 10 people so it took a long time for her to get thereThe water was heavily guarded by the japanese so they had to sneak in the reeds and swim to the boat.They stayed in the island (polillo) at a shelter for 6 monthsHer dad and uncle had to stay in manila to fight backOne of her best friends got shot when going to the boatThey left the shelter when they heard that the japanese were defeatedMy grandma and her family had to get a new house because theirs was destroyedThe didn’t go to school again for a few monthsA year later they moved to the U.S.Planned to attack later than they didNeeded philippines to get close to southeast asiaThere were almost 300,000 japanese on luzonThe japanese wanted to just defend and hold back the usa instead of attacking firstWaited for US army to leave philippinesDid it right after pearl harbourHid japanese troops on outskirts of luzon weeks before