Dear website, I have found that the subject material

Dear Sir, Madam, With this letter, I am applying for a position in the Masters of Science, offered at the University of Lethbridge. With my current theoretical background in molecular biology and research experience in plant biotechnology, I wish to enlarge my knowledge of plant science and experimental biology and turn my focus towards their applications in practice. By preliminary conversation with Dmytro Yevtushenko and observing available information about the program on the website, I have found that the subject material covered will best suit my career goals. Lastly, the prospect of participating in research by Dmytro’s Yevtushenko academic supervising is a considerable reason for continuing my academic career and pursuing a Ph.D.

research. In Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, I obtained a Bachelor degree in Industrial Biotechnology, and at the same time, I participated in a range of internships, workshops, and conferences of local research centers such as Institute of Cell Biology and Gene Engineering. I have been studying without rest and weekends because of huge passion for natural science and the desire succeed in biotechnology.

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It helped me on the Ukrainian Biotechnology Competition among Masters Students and I received the first grade Diploma when I was in the 3rd year of my Bachelors. In next 2 years, I received more than 5 awards of scientific competitions and Olympiads. Also, my enthusiasm for scientific research promoted my application to Falling Walls 2016 conference.

In September 2016 I won a Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and in November presented the “Edible vaccines” project in Germany, on Falling Walls Lab Berlin 2016. It was a pleasure for myself – to be among great PhDs and postdocs and present my project on the same stage as they. So all of this events gave me an understanding about my further development: now I definitely want to realize myself as a plant scientists and make a bright academic carrier by performing a cutting-edge research in this area. To be honest, after deep studying of opportunities for graduate students, I decided to enroll for MSc Degree program in the University of Lethbridge because of two reasons.

First of all, described on the website programs and students opportunities of the University of Lethbridge, such as research facilities and Student Success Centre make it significantly attractive organization for myself. Secondly, as I mentioned before, I will be grateful of working under Dmytro Yevtushenko supervising and convert my Master’s research in Ph.D. Thesis. Overall, I strongly believe that with my current experience and studies I have a solid foundation, but through research on the University of Lethbridge, I hope to develop expertise and boost the quality of my research. Thank you very much for considering my application.

  Sincerely,Maryna Korshevniuk