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Dear AdmissionsCommittee,Itis my pleasure to recommend Aya for admission to your undergraduate program.Now I’m her counselor, before I was her Math teacher for two years, I havewitnessed her inside the class room, and outside it; she is eager to learn andto help her colleagues to learn; Aya is an excellent well-rounded student andone of the top 10% of our students.

Sheis a very active smart person, especially in Math and physics, her skills andpotentials in Math exceed most of her colleagues, that’s why I have chosen her withother 5 students from all over the school to participate in the AUC (AmericanUniversity in Cairo) math competition. The AUC organized this competition foruniversity-level students, but some of our students were asking to participatein to gain experience; Aya was the leader of this small group. The Ministry ofEducation organized a competition in the same way of the AUC one, but for highschool students, and she was of the top 30 scorers. For all the skills she has,I nominated her for the physics Olympiads this year, as I have noticed heradmiration for astronomy: she was the founder of Physitoopia club whichorganized orientations and wrote simplified scientific articles for students.Moreover, she is a member at ASC (Ain Shams Astronomy Club) which is also for university-levelstudents only.

Besides, she was chosen to be the vice president of the Egyptianresearchers’ physics group at the school.Ayais a sociable person, who can make fruitful relationships in a community; shewas the vice president of the school union, and the school representative sincegrade 10. Not only has she shown commitment to the responsibilities assigned toher but also she showed dedication to what she is doing. I was amazed when sheand the school union members didn’t mind staying for another day at the dorm, afterthe final exams when all the students went home, to meet STEM Unit and USAIDofficers to discuss the school’s issues and try to establish improvements for thenext year. Additionally,Aya is an excellent presenter who has great skills that showed during theorientations, which was organized for the younger students from other schools,explaining STEM school’s system. She also used to give 3D designing courses to theyounger students to help them construct a model for their project’s prototype.

Beinga member at CCC (Competitive College Club), she helped in organizing theorientation by Amideast for our school to help the students be familiarizedwith the college admission process and the standardized tests. Also, Aya is ateamwork person, who can work under pressure, finish the task on time, and workwith any person, which was shown during her participation in many competitions likeISEF, NASA Space Apps, and AZEX science fair; Aya’s personality has driven meto choose her to be one of the students to represent our school in many scientificconferences like Suez canal environment conference, and Energy4me conference atAUC. Ayais a skilled musician too; she is a member of the school’s band –the pianist. Sheplayed in many events in the school, the most one I remember, was herperformance of Requiem for a dream for Beethoven.Ayahas my highest recommendation.

She is a sociable, hard-worker, and helpful person;she is an excellent presenter and one of our best students. I am confident thatshe will bring the same warmth, support, creativity and dedication to her collegeclasses and social community as she brought to our school.Sincerely,Ahmed Mohamed ElhadySchool Deputy Principal & School CounselorIsmailia STEM high School, [email protected] .