Dear the following three problems Child Labor, Tenements, and

Dear Aunt Bessie, I am grateful that you have chosen me to help give away your money to help social causes.

America is a great country, but it faces many problems. We discussed problems in the areas of Tenements, Child Labor, Women’s Suffrage, Meat Packing Industry, and Temperance Movement. You  have asked me to choose three of these problems to give the money to. One will receive the $600,000 gift, another will receive the $300,000 gift, and another will receive the $100,000 gift. After careful thought, I have decided to give away the money to help solve the following three problems  Child Labor, Tenements, and Women’s Suffrage. I have decided that child labor will receive the $600,000 gift. Child labor deserves the gift because kids as young as 9 years old are forced to work fulltime and for little pay. Lot of them also don’t go to school.

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A 10 year old boy who worked in a factory didn’t even know his ABC’s! Breaker boys, who were boys hired to sort and separate coal from slate rock. They were beaten and abused. Two 15 year old breaker boys from pennsylvania were being beaten and their fingers were also cut from the coal and slate.

They fell into the car below when carrying coal. One was badly burned and the other smothered to death.I have decided that tenements will receive the $300,000 gift.

Tenements deserves the gift because large families were forced to live in one bedroom apartments.The living conditions were horrible. They wouldn’t get proper air circulation or ventilation. Big families had to all sleep in one bed and they slept in the same place they eat and wash their clothes!Their children were also starving.Lastly, I have decided that Women’s Suffrage will receive the $100,000 gift. Women’s Suffrage deserves the gift because women are expected to only cook, clean the house, and take care of children.

They don’t have the freedom to do whatever job they want. They can’t elect their leaders. Also many employers will not hire women. They have to get permission from their husband for most things. Their husband could beat and abuse them in public and it would be legal. They could do nothing about it.

Thank you for the million dollars you chose to give to these good causes. I think that your money will have a great impact on child Labor, Tenements, and Women’s Suffrage. .Your loving niece/nephew,Skandan