Dear Learn to enjoy every day, and try to

Sean Anthony, January 2, 2018

think this is the first time in our lives that I am writing you a
letter that I can remember. I am writing this to you to hopeful pass
on the some lessons I’ve learned throughout my life.

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lesson is that most of things you worry about will not bother you
shortly after. A year later you will not even be able to remember
some of them even if you tried. As you get older, you will not worry
about what grades you got in school or the games you played. You
won’t worry about what other people thought about you as you age.
Most of the things you worry about will never happen. Even if the
worst things that you worry about happen, life will still go on.
Learn to enjoy every day, and try to enjoy it to the fullest. It has
taken me a long time to understand and I wish I had understood it
is not a destination but a journey. You will never be smart enough,
rich enough, have a pretty enough girlfriend or wife, or win enough
prizes and awards. Whatever it is you want, there is always something
bigger or better. Enjoy the journey of learning, working, and living
good. If you enjoy the journey, you’ll probably achieve a lot more
than if you focused on bigger and better things all the time.About
can provide security, but once you have security, more money cannot
buy you more happiness. If you show me someone who thinks money can
buy happiness, I’ll show you many people who have never had a lot
of money who are happy. Items don’t make you happy, but memories
will always be with you. Whatever it is that you buy, you will soon
get used to it and it will make you happy for a moment or a short
period of time, but it will not make you happy forever. Experiences
and memories can make you happy for a lifetime. I can’t even
remember most of the items I’ve had in my life that I have bought
but I still think of my times that we have shared together. Going to
Ocean City,Maryland with Pop seeing the wild ponies and you having us
bring you to every miniature golf place on their main avenue. Going
to Rhode Island and visiting historical places and cracking those
clam shells for the seagulls. Going on trips with Mom, Ano and
Grandma, if they were day trips or week long trips we always had fun(
so many to list ) Taking you to practices and games (before practice
picking up and sharing chicken and noodles at that Chinese restaurant
in Ramsey with that little girl named Stephanie that was always there
with her family, she seemed about five years old at the time. Now as
you are older going on “our” hikes. Whether we are just walking,
having talks or just enjoying the scenery and taking photos. Those
memories will never go away. The happiest memories of my family and
friends are the places we went and the the foods we shared, not the
things I’ve bought for myself. You’ll remember dinners and
travels with friends and family more than any object you’ll ever
family is the most important thing you have in this life. Friends,
girlfriends and co-workers come and go, but the only thing that you
can always count on is your family. (If you find a friend who is
always there for you, you’re extremely lucky.) One day, you will
have a family of your own. You must love them and look after them.
One day, you will be like your Mom and Dad. Your parents are not
perfect, and you will not be either, none of us are ( I know I’m
not). You are a loving son and a good son and one day you can be a
loving good parent. You are also the best grandson anyone could ask
stop learning, and always be ready to teach yourself new things you
don’t know. The only things you will remember are things you care
about the most and interest you. You will forget about the things
that least interest you. Sean you are probably noticing that now
about yourself. You must teach yourself and care about what you
learn. No one can teach you everything you need to know at school or
college . Sean will also forget most of what you studied at school,
and that is okay. It sometimes comes back to you later in life.The
most important lesson never ever live someone else’s life. Find
your gifts and the things that give you pleasure, develop those
gifts, and seek them. Do what makes you happy and be great at it.
Sean you have skills and gifts that no one will ever have. If you
become a businessman, be honest one, If you become a writer, write.
If you become a healer, heal. If you’re a scientist, make
discoveries that can change the world. If you do what you love and
love what you do, you will work very hard, but you will enjoy every
day! I hope that you will find what you love to do.Life
is full of struggles, and many bad things will happen to you as well
as good things. Some things happen in life and cannot be changed.
Many people suffer great hardships and live full and happy lives.
Remember the people you love and mourn the ones that are no longer
with you. Accept that terrible things happen, and try to live as if
each day is your last with the people you love. There is nothing else
you can do, life goes on.The
best way to avoid anxiety, stress and unhappiness is to avoid inner
conflicts. Don’t think that one thing is right and do the opposite.
Listen to your conscience and obey it. Be a good person and live
according to your convictions. You cannot answer for other people and
what they do , but you can always answer for yourself. As long as you
live according to your beliefs, you will not have regrets or guilt.
You will be able to knowing that you looked after the poor and needy,
that you were loving to those around you, and at times you failed,
but did your best. You will not lose a night of sleep if you always
try to do your best.