Dear is a contributing factor in natural events; typhoons

Dear Senator Stabenow and Representative Lawerence:Hi my name is Desirae and I’m a future public health professional. I appreciate and thank you for the important work you’ve done across our nation to ensure the preservation of our environment for future generations to come. I am writing to express my concern about the threat climate change poses to public health,As you know climate change is real and must be addressed, and is happening all around us. With the rapid acceleration of climate change over the years, it has led to an ongoing global concern, and public health issue. Climate change has already had observable effects on the environment, with the shrinking of ice glaciers, warmer weather, trees flowering sooner, more frequent wildfires, more variable weather, and longer duration and intensity of tropical storms.

The attribution of climate change is a contributing factor in natural events; typhoons and hurricanes, such as Hurricane Harvey, which feeds off unnaturally warm waters to deliver more forceful threats to human health, including to life itself. I have significant concerns that if we do not start addressing this issue of climate change now, it will be too late. As a future public health professional I have realized that climate change has began to impact human health in various ways such as increased spread of vector-borne infectious diseases, increased respiratory illnesses that are associated with increased air pollution, and childhood cancer. The CDC states that the effects of climate change varies across geographic regions and populations, which has led to the help of  CDC’s Climate and Health Program in helping state and city health departments prepare for the specific health impacts of climate change that their communities will face. There are still quite a few health departments that do not have a strategic plan in motion  to deal with local health impacts of climate change, which is a huge problem.We can not keep putting this issue on the back burner.

EPA says evidence of climate change is becoming clearer. The national Climate Service ran by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration, which was created and dedicates to provide  state and local governments, as well as businesses, with information to help them adapt to climate change. Although the federal government has began investigating ways to deal with climate change, states are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their economies can adapt to the potential changes in temperature, water availability, sea levels and severe weather. The issue is that we should not be trying to “adapt” to climate change, we need to be figuring out what we can do to stop climate change. I understand that focusing on climate change is just one of many issues that the word is facing during these challenging time, but I believe that your legislation “Climate Change Health Protection and Promotion Act” would help public health departments to address the challenges of climate change in several ways. By using this act it would require the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a national strategic action plan for addressing the public health impacts of climate change.

 Prioritizing my letter to climate change, your bill would help to avoid many preventable illnesses and deathsThank you for all the work you have done thus far to help make our nation environment better.