Dear Dr. Jill Helms,It is with great enthusiasm that

Dear Dr. Jill Helms,It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for a position at the Science Technology and Reconstructive Surgery internship at Stanford. Currently, I am a Junior at Homestead High School and am diligently taking AP Chemistry, which has brought me great devotion to the field of science. I have always been intrigued by my doctors and dentists and would be excited about my next dental appointment, so I would have the chance to observe the various x-ray scans, or experience the wonders of anesthesia, again. Over a couple of years, I have built my passion for the field of medicine and a future as a physician. Thus, I hope to be part of the best possible start to a successful science, or medical career in college, the STaRS Internship Program.

The STaRS internship particularly interests me as it provides an immense range of biological sciences and laboratory experiences, in conjunction with a well-organized teaching program. After assiduously reading through the various regenerative medicine and laboratory projects achieved in this internship program, as well as familiarizing myself with the numerous scholarly mentors in this program, I believe that the staff and work ethic is exemplary. Additionally, I am confident that this internship will provide an abundance of new perspectives in the biomedical science field, through the great testimonies of this program, written by previous STaRS interns. As you will see in my results and experiences, I am committed to giving my best to any situation, working cooperatively with others, and being open-minded. Importantly, I would value the opportunity of working in a prestige internship, with other influential mentors and peers.

I can bring to the role strong team skills, effective communication, and great perceptiveness. These have been honed through various interactions and presentations to a range of audiences, such as being the Chair Member the Town of Colonie Youth Advisory Board (Colonie, NY) for two consecutive years and a credible lifeguard for Fair Swim Center (San Jose, CA). Additionally, I hold great skills in adaptability, especially being a new student during the most challenging year of high school and a new resident in the Bay Area. My academic achievements in high school demonstrate diligence and high achievement. Science courses, such as Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, and AP Chemistry are indicative of my commitment to various aspects of the science field.

Furthermore, I have had numerous prestigious laboratory experiences through my science classes, and have found the challenging and analytical lab experiments to further stimulate my joy for the field of science. Lastly, I enjoy taking academically rigorous courses, such as all honors and APs, in order to challenge myself and improve my academic skills. Through this internship, I hope to broaden my views of the field of science, especially regenerative medicine and projects, such as analyzing the rejuvenation of aged bones and Wnt signaling and tooth movement. I would be honored to work with many influential students in the Bay Area, who aspire to learn about the advanced field of science and prestigious mentors at Stanford, who would provide great knowledge on these aspects and help us to reach our goalsIn support of my application, I have attached a resume providing a summary of my relevant experience, as a strong and perceptive team worker, and a great communicator. It would be my absolute pleasure to work as an intern for the Science Technology and Reconstructive Surgery program at Stanford and I believe I have the potential to be a valuable member of the team. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Sincerely,Nora (Bo Young) Kim