Dear can develop myself professionally in this field to

Dear Committee Members,I would like to apply for the Master course ofMolecular Biology in Debrecen University as I wish to pursue a career inBiomedicine, specializing in Stem cell research, and establish myself as anexpert in the field which is currently being invested in Vietnam.As a head of cell culture group in the collaborativeprojects of Hue Stem cell laboratory and Hue Central Hospital in Vietnam, Iwitnessed the daily painfulness of chronic kidney patients as well as the considerablehospital fees during the rest of their lifes. The number of these patients areincreasing monthly while traditional treatments fail to treat this diseaseentirely. Our projects somewhat bring the hope for these patients, which fascinatesother hospital’s departments accelerate stem cell research and application. Toengage deeper in these projects and help my local people, I desire to explorethis prospect science in my future study.

To follow my desire, I have a long preparation toacquire standard knowledge and fundamental skills for higher study. I havefollowed biomedical research for four years with a Ph.D. who worked at InsermInstitute in Paris, France.

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Thanks to her direction, I attain the scientificmindset and learn how to organize standard research. I am confident that Ipossess the ability to work independently and to cooperate with the researchteams efficiently, which can be illustrated by our student project in abiomedical competition. Although it is the first time I participated in studentresearch, our idea is a big challenge when inventing the human blood cellsmanufacturing system.

We attempted to grasp it quickly from numerous relatedpapers as well as worked with members effectively. Eventually, our idea washighly appreciated and we received opportunities to intern in a qualified stemcell laboratory in Vietnam.Unfortunately, biomedicine – in particular, stem cellresearch, is still a cutting-edge discipline with limited human resources inVietnam. Thus, by acquiring knowledge and skills from overseas institutions, Ihope I can develop myself professionally in this field to contribute to thedevelopment of Vietnam upon return. Debrecen University, an advanced promisecondition for biomedical research, will enable me to not only make great leapsforward in knowledge but also to learn new and innovative research methods. Theprogram’s research-orientation will still help me improve my critical thinking,writing and professional skills which are necessary for Ph.

D. challenges. Uponcompletion of this program, I intend to undertake doctoral studies beforereturning to Vietnam for research and application at Hue Central Hospital. Ibelieve that the prestigious university like Debrecen would hone my knowledgeand skills at this hospital.Moreover, international friendship at the universitywill be valuable to the collaboration between Vietnam and other countries.

Having participated in international school and courses, I am positive that Iwill be able to get along well and learn from my peers and classmates, and inturn, contribute positively to the course with my knowledge and sociablepersonality.For all the reasons above, I firmly believe I am aprospective candidate for Debrecen University and its scholarship. With mypassion and motivation, this program will grant a valuable platform for me topursue my biomedical dream.Sincerely yours,