Day used.There are four working methods of Li-Fi and

Day to dayactivities is to transfer data from one place to another place.

 Li-Fi technology has anotheradvantages over Wi-Fi, such as safe to use at nuclear power plants stations,thermal power stations where as such Wi-Fi cannot be used.1.Such stations in which  RFwaves can be harmful and may cause accident,the way of communication in suchstations onlu visible light spectrum can be used.There are four working methodsof  Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are,Efficieny,availability,capcity and security . Wifi and Lifi technology bothuses the electromagnetic spectrum for data transmissions,but WI-FI uses theradio waves spectrum.

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2.The working of current wireless networks that connect us to the internet are workingslow when connected to various devices. As the number of devices increases andalso internet speed increases, that the bandwidth available  makes it more and more difficult to enjoyhigh data transfer rates for  a securenetwork.

As a radio waves are just a small part of spectrum.Solution of thisproblem is by working on Lifi technology.Li-Fi is a data transmissionthrough  by taking the fiber out of fiberoptics by sending data through an LED light bulb (shown in Fig. 1)3 that makethe fasterspeed as compare tohuman eye can follow.

Li-Fi is the term of fast and cheap wireless communication system, which is advanced  version of Wi-Fi. Li-Fi using visible lightinspect  of Gigahertz radio waves fordata transfer. Fig. 1. Li-Fi bulb 3. This idea of Li-Fi was proposed by a Germanphysicist, Harald Hass, which he concluded to as ?data through illumination.This technology Li-Fi was first used by Haas in his TED Global talk on VisibleLight Communication. According to Hass, the light, which he concluded that theD-Light, can be used to produce data rates higher than 10 megabits per secondwhich is more as more  faster than ouraverage broadband connection 4.

Li-Fi can relieving the heavy loads which thecurrent wireless systems face. LIFI offers much larger frequency band (300 THz)compared to that available in RF communications (300GHz). As more data coming through the visible lightspectrum could concerns that the electromagnetic waves affect our health. Li-Fican be new technology  as for  future where data for laptop,mobiles  and tablets will be transmit through thelight in a room. Security cannot  bethe  issue because if you cannot see thelight, you cannot  access the data.

As aresult, it can be used in high security military areas.