Darna Stone” that she is the chosen one to

Darna is basically the Filipino version of Wonder Woman in Philippine “Komiks”. The story begins with a girl named Narda. Just like with any hero in any story, she was an ordinary human being. She lived within an orphanage as she grew up, living a happy and simple life. One day, Narda ends up finding a white stone that fell from the spaceship of the Anomalkan (aliens). Although at the time, she ends up realizing from the “Spirit Keeper of the Stone” that she is the chosen one to inherit the white pebble, in which contained super powers. For someone to possess the stone is very essential.

 Hence, the one who has a pure heart and will do anything to protect the innocent people to wipe out all evil, chances are they are the rightful one that can save the world. If the person is filled with selfishness and doubt, the person would be unable to transform. At first, Narda declined due to the fact that she thought of herself as a simple and ordinary girl who believed that it would be merely impossible to handle this. However, after seeing four super villains being set free from ice prisons underwater, at that moment, Narda decided to take on the challenge into becoming Darna. Prior to all of this happening, Narda figures out how the first woman that became Darna was able to defeat the four super villains.

Unfortunately, she ended up being unsuccessful since she makes a bargain with the villains, taking powers away from the white pebble. The only way that Narda, being Darna currently, can get all of her powers back is to fight them off. In order for Narda to become Darna is for her to swallow the stone and yell out “Darna!”  The four villains Darna had to face was Roma, Armida, Lucifera, and Lutgarda. Roma was the first villain she fought who was a demonic woman with a parasitic conjoined demon twin connected to her back that fed on the heart and blood on victims. Armida was the second who was a cybernetic hawk woman described as a destructive flying war machine.

 Lucifera was the third and was a plant witch that used all flora (plants) as weapons. Lastly, there was Lutgarda, a leech woman that copies and absorbs strength and power from anyone. It was a pretty difficult journey for Darna, but she managed to get through all of it without a doubt and without giving up.

 Even though she ends up getting through the four villains, Darna’s biggest challenge yet is where she ends up having to come face to face with her childhood best friend Valentina. Her childhood best friend, now her arch enemy, is a chosen queen of serpents and mistress of black magic. Narda knew how much becoming Darna can have such a big impact in her life and practically has to keep secrets just to save the ones that she loves and cares about. In a way, if it wasn’t for Narda, the world would’ve been taken over by darkness and evil.