Daniella Concepts and Muddiest Points 1. In the danger

Daniella Owusuwaah BIOS 5860January 24th 2018 5      ImportantConcepts and Muddiest Points  1.    Inthe danger model any stress or damage to the cell will stimulate the tissue toactivate the immune system to elicit a response. 2.    Inthe immune system there are three phagocytic cells; macrophages, dendriticcells, and neutrophils they play a huge role in tackling infections.

3.    Thelymphoid organs are divided into primary and secondary; primary is wherelymphocytes are created and the secondary is where the mature lymphocytes areactivated. 4.    Thespleen has various role in the immune system: filtering the blood, storing white blood cells, and helping to fightinfections. 5.

    Immunizationis very important in developing and strengthen the immune system in how it actsas a primary response and in the establishment of memory cells.  1.     Eventhough we discussed it in class, the differences between immunogens andantigens still puzzles me. 2.     Inlecture you mentioned that the number of lymph nodes varies from person to personwhat factors play into the variability in the amount of lymph nodes. 3.

     Isthe difference between the structure of B-cell and T-cell receptor play a rolein how they function?