criminal the predisposition to violent behavior, because it can

criminal behavior. Not
only could affect social behavior, but
most especiallyaffects biopsychosocial
consequences resulting in abnormal physical development, which has seriousconsequential affects. Therefore, movies
such as, Spiderman and Mean Girls stem the probability of demonstrating to children
how too portrays aggressive, social aggression and violent behavior, which can
be integrated socially. In addition, it reinforces aggressive and violent
behavior because it can be areflection of
his or her social environment. For example, in both films displayed similar real life events,such as, social and physical aggression. Therefore, a script observed is
stored into memory and it isretrieved
once children experience similar real life
events.These two films could also affect children who are born with the
predisposition to violent behavior,
because it can become a self-gratification, which is a reflection of one’s
social environment. Thesame is also true
for children who inhibit violent behavior, as a result to violence within their
environment.Therefore, media violence which is a social role model does
correlates with other biopsychosocial variable, because it provides to society self gratification, which suggest that cultural
violent behavior is anacceptable
practical behavior. It is obvious media violence can be difficult to determine
any causal-affect, because of other biopsychosocial variables already
pre-existed, which makes media violence more of acontributor,
but rather a reinforcement model to influence aggressive and violent behavior.
Therefore,media violence stimulates aggression in children, which can
potentially result to violent behavior, because it
reinforces acts of violence.Researcher who determined that media violence has
no correlational affect stimulating aggression in
children present a good argumentable assertion
because it was hardly ever mentioned of earlier 
participants suffering from any type of social illnesses relating to
violence. Media violence such as Spiderman
and Mean Girls would only stimulate aggression, which can potentially enhance
to violent and psychopathic behavior, especially children because their mind is within a developmental process.