Corporation suppliers, and affiliates of Corporation X will follow

Corporation X Code of ConductAt Corporation X we understand that having a reputation for the highest standards of integrity is essential to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

A company which loses the trust of the public is on the path to bankruptcy. We at Corporation X believe that integrity is the key to a successful, thriving business. As a result, we must hold both ourselves and our affiliates to the highest standards of business ethics. We expect to our employees to go well and above the letter of the law when handling business. We take pride in transparency, fair play, and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

All Employees of Corporation X are expected to at all times abide by the standards put forth in our Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the highest ethical standards damages our reputation in the eyes of consumers, our suppliers, and business partners and will not be tolerated. We take our responsibilities to our customers and the public at large with the highest degree of seriousness. Trust is an asset which cannot be bought and cannot be recovered if lost. Corporation X’s Code of Business Conduct is designed to maintain that trust. Our StandardsAdherence to the law – All employees, suppliers, and affiliates of Corporation X will follow all applicable local, state, national, and international laws. Respect for the rule of law is a founding principle of Corporation X (“Transcom Code of Business Conduct,” 2011, p.

6). We pride ourselves on maintaining the respect of the communities in which we do business. Disrespect for the law will not be tolerated.Dress Code – All employees will maintain a professional style of dress while on the job. A sloppy appearance reflects poorly upon the company, diminishing our respect among the public and with clients. Excessive informality also promotes an undisciplined atmosphere not conducive to business. Confidentiality and Information Security – The prevalence of social engineering and industrial espionage makes information security of the highest importance for any business.

Corporation X has the highest standards for protecting consumer, client, and partner data. Any information which is not publicly available is considered confidential (“Convergys Code of Business Conduct,” 2014, p. 9). Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following items: research and development including projects, business plans, and reports, company intellectual property, trade secrets, procedures and practices, and nonpublic information, and client information (“Convergys Code of Business Conduct,” 2014, p. 9)Revealing any of these items will be terms for immediate dismal. We at Corporation X pride ourselves on protecting the data of our clients, customers, and affiliates and will not tolerate any breach of confidentiality which threatens to undermine the trust which is the foundation of any business relationship. Discrimination – Corporation X prides itself on its respect for people of all backgrounds and cultures.

  We are an equal opportunity employer and understand the great benefits diversity brings to the workplace. Discrimination of any type is prohibited by both company policy and Federal law. This includes discrimination based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, union membership, or any other lawfully protected status (“Apple Supplier COC,” 2015, p. 2).

Discrimination inhibits the innovation and vibrancy necessary to run a successful business.   Business Ethics TrainingTo ensure that our Code of Conduct is understood and followed by all employees of Corporation X we will have an annual conference on business ethics. This three-day conference will cover applicable business law, information security, and diversity training. The first day of the conference will cover business law where we will go over the laws and regulations which impact our industry. The training will be tailored to inform employees about relevant regulations and laws which need to be observed over the daily course of their jobs. All employees will attend a seminar on consumer protection laws and anti-harassment and discrimination workshops.

Management will attend more advanced level consumer law courses to make sure that company decision-making policies conform to both industry and legal standards.The second day of the conference will be devoted to information security and confidentiality. Employees will be educated about the threats of social engineering, phishing, and hacking. Proper observation of information security protocol greatly diminishes these threats; protecting both our customers and the business itself. The day will conclude with an information security specialist who will provide insight on how to protect the security of our customers and clients and will provide an overview of commonly used techniques to fraudulently obtain information. The third day of the conference will be devoted to diversity training.

All employees will be instructed on the benefits diversity brings to the workplace. This training highlights the advantages of a non-discriminatory, multi-cultural workplace, and provides techniques to avoid cultural insensitivity. The seminar will also cover applicable civil rights laws and their implications towards hiring practices.  Maintaining our StandardsTo ensure that our standards are observed we will implement accountability measures to protect our employees, consumers, our partners, and the public from the damage which can come from corporate malfeasance. The first step is proper training. Before beginning employment, every employee will be trained in the aspects of consumer law which impact his or her job before starting work.

He or she will also be taught proper security protocol to protect consumer and client information and will receive diversity training to ensure people of all backgrounds find Corporation X to be a welcoming, inviting workplace. This training will be re-enforced with the three-day annual conference described earlier in the Code of Conduct. To ensure compliance with our information security protocols, all business will be handled with company provided phones and computers which contain software designed to protect against hacking and phishing operations.

There will be no expectation of privacy on these devices, and interactions will be monitored to ensure that information security protocol is observed. These measures are necessary both to protect our customers and to protect the company from corporate espionage and social engineering. In addition to pre-hire and annual diversity training, a confidential reporting system will be put in place to report incidents of discrimination and harassment to protect the dignity of employees of all backgrounds. With this measure, employees who have been victims of discrimination need not fear reprisal in order to stop being a victim. Each incident will be investigated by a diverse, impartial panel to ensure that the discriminatory conduct does not occur in the office. We will also implement whistle-blower protection policies to ensure that no employee need fear reporting incidents of harassment, discrimination, violations of local, state, or federal law, or irresponsible security practices. Ethics AuditWe will conduct quarterly audits to ensure that our Code of Conduct meets the needs of our customers, clients, affiliates, and employees.

These audits will take the form of reports from managers and an anonymous survey sent to all employees of Corporation X. We will also provide quarterly performance surveys to all clients to ensure that their needs are being met, and to ask for areas of improvement. These measures, in conjunction with our monitoring measures, our whistleblower protection policy, and our anonymous system for reporting violations will help ensure that our code of conduct is observed.

As an added measure to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained, we will invite an outside firm to annually do a review to ensure that our ethical standards are being observed. This annual review includes a test to ensure that information security protocols are being observed, tests designed to ensure that we are upholding our commitment to diversity in the workplace, and will include extensive surveys of our customers and partners to ensure our high standards are being lived up to. The review will be systematic and thorough to ensure we are delivering our best to the customer, our employees, and the public. We at Corporation X will accept nothing but the highest standards of ethics from ourselves and our affiliates and will ensure that these standards are observed. To effectively compete in the marketplace of the twenty-first century a company has to be both efficient and socially responsible. Our Code of Conduct will help us reach that goal.