Core core values Reference: Anoop Reddy Rikkla C0718709

  Core Value:A principle that guides an organization’s internal conductas well as its relationship with the external world. Core values are usuallysummarized in the mission statement or in a statement of core values Reference: http://www.businessdictionary.

com/definition/core-values.html  Anoop Reddy RikklaC0718709  My Core Values·       Family·       Friends·       Public Service·       Health and Fitness·       Work Satisfaction FAMILY: After takingvalue assessment test, I came to know that priority of my core values and it isaccurate according to my knowledge. my first and foremost core value is family.I need to make my family happy so that I can lead my personal and work lifewithout any pressure. Friends:My secondpriority of my core values is friends. maintaining a good friendship helps usin many ways. We can learn many good things from friends when we are travellingin a wrong path a friend can help us in rectifying our mistakes and makes us totravel in good paths to lead a happy life. Maintaining a friendly atmosphere inan organization helps us and our organization to achieve greater heights.

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 Public service: My thirdcore value is public service. everyone in the society must be responsible forthe society, only government cannot help the society, so that every citizenshould contribute they can. I would love to contribute to the society which Ican afford, which makes me feel happy and satisfied. Health and fitness: My fourthcore value is health and fitness. In every one’s life being healthy and fitnessis the most important factor because, one can achieve what ever they want ifthey are healthy and fitness. I would love to be healthy and physically fit, sothat I can do my work without any stress.

  Work Satisfaction:My fifthcore value is Work Satisfaction. I must love the work what I am doing. if I notlove the       work, I cannot completethe projects within the time which may end up in losing my job. Without havinga satisfied job, I cannot balance my personnel life with work life which mayaffect my health like work stress.