Control: passengers. Feedback Control: It is a type of

Control:Control is the process of monitoring, comparing, andcorrecting work performance. All managers should control even if their unitsare performing as planned because they can’t really know that unless they’veevaluated what activities have been done and compared actual performanceagainst the desired standard.

An effective control system is the way that we can recognizethat activities are totally accomplished in ways that lead organization toachieve their goals and objectives.Feedforward control:Feedforward control would be the most effective type ofcontrol in this case. As we know that feedforward control can be take place beforeactual activities, by feedforward we are able to detect possible issues andfind possible solution and prevention for these issues.As the first day for the T5 (Terminal 5) was so important forits fame, and those solving problems that they occur in an airport required toomuch time Since the first day for the T5 was very important for itsreputation, and that solving problems as they occur in an airport can take toomuch time so therefore this was the reason of dissatisfaction ofpassengers.  Feedback Control:It is a type of controlling that has most usage than othertypes of controlling which take place after activities and occurred problemsand issues evaluation.

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So, there we can point out two type of feedback’s advantageswhich are:1-      Feedback provideto managers those information on how much effectiveness their planning effortsare and if managers performance has been met with plans or not.2-      Feedback is theone element that provide details how well employers have done their duty andactivities.concurrent Control:concurrentcontrol is a controlling tool which comes during the any work activities’process.It is a controlling tool that comes within theprocess of a work activity.

Which mean that there will a superintendence takeplace within work process and if any issues or problems occur during workprocess managers will use the concurrent control. And that is direct relationafter the retrieval of the issues andproblems. Also, concurrent control is called as direct superintendence ormanagement by walking around. So, as its name implies it’s is describe that thecontrollers or the managers should be walking around the workplace as a monitorto recognize issues and problems and make correction