.”Connection” kind of happiness are more strongly and respected

.”Connection” magazine
reported, the founder of “Minecraft” Markus Persson said publicly
that, after he became a billionaire, “never felt so lonely”. In 2014,
Poisson sold the game development company Mojang to Microsoft for $2 billion
500 million. Then, Poisson left Mojang and said he wanted to focus on more
personal projects. then, Poisson said to the 2 million 470 thousand watchers on
Twitter, “if you have everything, then you have no reason to continue to
work hard, that’s the problem.” “Because of the imbalance, human
communication can not be realized.” He said.This news shows that the
imbalance between company and money can make people feel uncomfortable. Such
wealth has not brought happiness to Markus Persson, but it has troubled his

Enriching your life is a process of
getting happiness, that means making use of the talents given by God and
self-motivated to motivate and study hard.One of the most important source of
happiness is to make good use of time to do more meaningful things and
constantly enrich the life to bring out the best of own, achieve higher than
his own goal, this kind of happiness are more strongly and respected than
feeble money.Modern people put their main energy into the competition, than the
position, the house, the wealth… In this way, there is only a desire and no
happiness in the heart of the people. Once people seek not to be happy, but how
to be happier than others, happiness is away from you.The source of happiness
is not the accumulation of money, but a lot of things that are meaningful to
yourself. When you have lots of wealth, you will feel bored and anxious when
you have nothing to do all day. It will make you feel unhappy and lead to life
less happiness. On the contrary, let life become full and challenge ourselves.
Things can bring us more joy than things we have. When challenges are
successful, we will unconsciously discover their potential in addition to the
joy of success. This happiness is irreplaceable by money.University of British
Columbia researchers suggests that workers would be happy to forgo as much as a
20% raise if it meant having a job with more variety.(David Futrelle).The
conscientious, hard-working personality trait extends life by an average of two
to three years, Friedman said, the equivalent to a 20 percent to 30 percent
decreased risk of early death. That’s “about the effect size of things we
normally pay attention to, like systolic blood pressure,” he said,
referring to the life span advantage of a healthy blood pressure.(Stephanie
Pappas,2011),Research shows that, in comparison, hard work will make people
more health and longevity, to their most sincere goal to make myself feel
satisfied, if only for the money and let their tired to go to work, and
ultimately even got a lot of wealth, but it is not their most sincere thoughts,
even against his will, in this case, it is not qualified to talk about

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Although money can support the basic
need of life, but also can more easily get you want to get the goods, it is
only in this world, people overestimate the real value of money only, in fact,
money is only a tool for exchanging equivalent, a convenient tool for people
living in, overestimating the role of money could make people easily mistakenly
think that money is a very important thing in life and at the expense of
anything other than money to pursue it, life is only once the money, people
realized that they actually have nothing except money. Happiness contains many
aspects, while the money is only a small part of them, to some extent, we can
control our life, doing our own thing, keep a pleasant and sincere attitude and
open relationship with others, learn and enrich their talent, with the organic
combination of three factors that is happiness than money, happiness means
clearly the meaning of broader, natural, for people’s life, after ensuring
basic living needs, happiness is more important than money.