Conducting a study on the brain is complicated due

Conducting a study on thebrain is complicated due to its complexity. To determine whether a person has agood sense of direction is quite impossible. According to an article byKatherine Harmon, not everyone has a perfect sense of direction, whether they liketo admit it or not. It is mentioned in her article that two new studies showthat a human being’s sense of direction level is inborn. The accuracy of anindividual’s navigation skills could not be easily justified just by simpleday-to-day actions. We commonly depict and categorize who among our peers canlead the way and navigate a certain destination.

In the modern world, we wouldjust need someone who would be kind enough to hold the smartphone as the GlobalPositioning System installed give the specific direction towards the desiredlocation. Guochang Xu and Yan Xu published a book with Springer Publication andcreated three editions focusing on discussing the theory, algorithm andapplications of a Global Positioning System. It is stated in their introductionpage of the third edition that a Global Positioning System is a navigation systembased on a satellite technology. Its fundamental technique involves measuringthe ranges between the receiver and a few simultaneously observed satellites,and the positions if the satellites are forecasted and broadcasted along withthe GPS signal to the user. (Xu & Yu 2016) The abbreviation GPS is not foreign to majority of thepopulation, even to kindergarten students fully equipped with updatedtechnology devices such as a smartphone, MacBook retina or an apple watch.

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The GlobalPositioning System has become a necessity for almost everyone who is outdoor.The Global Positioning System is has become a part of our lifestyle and afactor to function in our daily lives.