Colin doing a theorem to analyze all the relationships

Colin isn’t just a normal childprodigy; he always shares interesting facts with people around him in eachsituations. He finds everything fascinating. His knowledge is so large becauseof all the books he read and memories of them.Colin’s wish was to become a veryintelligent person, something like a genius, and make a really big discovery ofsomething very legendary so he can be remembered for doing something that is agood benefit to the world in some way. He often is a bit depressed because hethinks that all the good events in his life already passed him and doesn’t wantto forget it.

In conclusion Colin wants to be important to anyone in the wholewide world so. He is that desperate that he starts doing a theorem to analyzeall the relationships he had with his Katherine’s dumping him and works reallyhard on the solution. But Colin can’t get overKatherine; he still loves her and wants her back really badly. All of the 19girls that Colin dated are called Katherine.

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Every single Katherine had also dumpedhim. He didn’t want to go for any other girl with a different name. The disadvantagewas that he was so focused in getting dumped that he couldn’t even rememberwhat happened before in his relationships. Most of the relationships that hehad are too similar. He remembers specific details about the relationship ofhim and Katherine-19 pretty well, apart that all of them are the same.

All girlsnamed Katherine’s that he dated are a symbol for Colin to view women andrelationships that he had instead of any single women. That’s the reason why herefers women by numbers at the end and why he can’t remember if he was the onedumped or he was the one that dumped. All Katherine’s were just a copy of eachone of them; he was playing 19 times the same relationship all over again untilhe met Lindsey Lee Wells. At the end of the book Colindoesn’t use math formulas to predict his relationships, instead he learns torelax and see where his relationship with Lindsey Lee Wells takes him. At thebeginning of the book he always wanted to be special in his own way, but by theend of the book he felt not unique in the very best possible way.