Code Principle of protecting employee from exploitation. 3. Principle

of conduct


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an American-Japanese international chain of convenience store which operates in
the different part of the country through a franchise model.7-ELEVEN is committed
to provide excellent quality service to the costumer and all the personal
associated with it. Our mission is to be the number one convenience store and
fulfill the needs of today’s changing environment. The company aim is to
provide a healthy working environment for all the employees regardless of any

Reasons for code of

code of conduct is established for a common understanding of the standards of
behavior and attitude of the employees in the company.

objectives of the code of conduct are to maintain the high standard of the
behavior of the entire individual associated the company and employees will be
fully aware of their rights and responsibilities and the guidance to act in the
ethical and professional manner.


has a very clear view that all the franchisee and employee of 7-Eleven are
expected to strictly follow the principles of the company and act ethically.

1.    Principle of impartiality.

2.    Principle of protecting employee from

3.    Principle of corruption free

4.    Principle of maintaining honesty and discouragement
of fraudulent behavior.

5.    Principle of Whistleblower protection.


of impartiality: Discrimination is treating, or proposing to treat someone unfavorably
because of the personal characteristic protected by the law in terms of age, sex,
race, color, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation, disability,
physical features, race, religious belief, political opinion, trade union
activity, marital status, relationship status and family or carrier
responsibilities, pregnancy or potential pregnancy. The responsibility is set
out by federal and state anti-discriminatory law and Fair Work act 2009.This
includes bullying someone because of a protected characteristic according to Victorian
Equal opportunity and human rights commission. The Australian Human Rights
commission Act (1986) protects people from discrimination and harassment in
areas of public life such as workplaces, schools, clubs, shops or places that
provide services.

committed to work in a fairly manner under any circumstances .According to Australian
government Fair Work, OMBUDSMAN. It is unlawful for employee in the higher rank
to discriminate between any other employees. This includes full time, part time
and casual employees, probationary employees, apprentices and trainees, and
individuals employed for fixed periods of time or tasks.

area manager of the 7-Eleven gives some extra privilege to the employee taking
into consideration that they have faith in same religion. A pregnant lady is
refused to get promotion in the higher position just because she is pregnant
,regardless of the fact that she is more or equal  competent than other individuals . These are
two examples which shows that there is discrimination among the employees on
the basis of the managers own belief or preference. Potential examples of
discrimination are job refusal, terminated or decreasing the working hour, refusal
of giving training, irrational transfer or promotion, refuse to pay equally, isolated
by the other colleagues, giving lack of proper information deliberately,
intestinally giving work which are humanly impossible, directly or indirectly
abusing verbally because of various differences in them.

 7-Eleven sees all of its employee in the equal
position and will not tolerate such type of behavior .If anybody is found to
discriminate another person in terms of various differences then strong action
will be taken. If found guilty then the concerned person’s one month salary
will be kept on hold and will be on the probation period of 6 months.

the members associated to 7-eleven are responsible to act ethically and create
a safe and non-discriminatory healthy environment in a workplace. This means
there will be fair decision in terms of recruitment, management, promotion and
termination. Franchisee are obligates to protect the wages and rights of the
each employee.

2.     Principle of protecting employee from

term exploitation refers to the situation or the act in which someone weak is
treated unfairly in order to get unethical benefit from their work (English oxford living dictionary, 2018)

the higher authority takes advantage of the vulnerable group of employee for
their own benefit in the cost of the employees every minute of hard work, it is
known as exploitation.

According to Redfern Legal Centre,
Omar is an international student from Singapore working in a restaurant. Before
hiring him, his trail was taken for 4 hours shift which he was unpaid. The
restaurant didn’t do any agreement or sign the employment contract with Omar
making him to work for $13 per hour. He was often paid less than$13 an hour in
cash after working without any break. Omar fear that if he reports this
incident then he will be terminated from the company. Afterwards, he finds the
courage and sought RLC’s assistance for his right. Through the Fair Work
Ombudsman investigation RLC Supported Omar in receiving compensation for the
amount unpaid and underpaid from the restaurant (Redfern legal centre, 2016).

are various possible example for exploitation are forced to work for long hour,
forced to do risky work, having no access to the salary for the total hours
worked, no tax contribution from the salary, having no privacy for personal life,
social activities controlled by the employer, insult and abuse verbally and
physically, refuse to provide different types of training, forced to work for
long period with no breaks etc.

respecting the human rights of the employees, 7-eleven do not encourage such
unethical behavior from any individuals who are associated with the company. If
found guilty then action will be taken against the franchisee and the
responsible person who allows such breaching of the law. Company won’t be
liable for such actions of the individuals which mean that the culprit should
bear the compensation to the victim.


3.    Principle of corruption free

is a form of misleading or unethical conduct by a person who is trusted for the
higher position of authority, often to get a personal benefit which may
includes many activities such as bribery and misappropriation.  People who are representing the company
having lower or higher level with the dishonest or fraudulent conduct involving
in various activities like bribery is referred to a term for corruption. It is
contrary to the business  norms and
practices .For instance a person who is supposed to recruit the employee asks him
certain amount of the money in exchange of the job recruitment  in that company. Other example is such that
the employee working in the company leaks the confidential data of the company
to the competitor in exchange of the huge amount of money. Various other example
of corruption are bribery, stealing ,fraud documentation and false commitments
on behalf of the company, deliberately changing the important data and
transaction, misuse of power and position, inappropriately using confidential
data and information.

individual should use the property and information of the company for the
personal gain. Any employee of 7-Eleven is found to conduct such a fraudulent
behavior by taking the advantages of their power and position which hampers the
organization, then they will be immediately expelled from the company.

4.    Principle  of maintaining honesty and discouragement
of  fraudulent behavior


– it includes any kind of wrongful or criminal deception which results into financial
loss due to falsification of the company documents or financial transaction.

behavior- it includes the behavior which causes any types of loss or damage to
the company property, such as leaking of company’s private and confidential

ELEVEN is committed in providing an ethical workplace for all the members
associated with the company including all the employee and franchisee. Fraud,
theft and dishonest behavior regarding the data, company property, money or any
other resources will not be accepted in any circumstances. The entire employee in
the company has a responsibility to report any types of dishonest behavior,
theft, waste or misuse of company resources. Every employee and franchisee must
be clear that if such kind of behavior is addressed then strong actions will be
taken. Severity of the action depends upon the types of misconduct committed
.Furthermore the person found guilty will be kept on the probation period and
their potential promotion will be withheld for one year.

examples of fraud and dishonest behavior are stated below:

of company’s property for personal use.

use of company’s computers ,internet access ,mobile or vehicles

of a private business using the resources and links of the company

false financial transaction and inappropriate record keeping.

working hours in time sheets.

claim of medical condition for leave or overtime claims

of the company’s asset.





Principle of Whistle Blower Protection.

 A whistleblower is an employee who notices and
exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical,
or not correct within the company or organization that is either private or
public .Such type of misconduct may be recently taking place, that may already
occur or that may be likely to happen and is on initial phase. Whistleblowers
are supposed to be protected under the law which means that the whistleblowers
should not fear or worry about losing their job, isolation in the work place,
bullying or any kind of retribution just because they refuse to tolerate
unlawful acts (Legal Dictionary) .For example a manager forces the
international student to work in the night shift and furthermore refuses to
give the extra charge for nightshift. Many international students do not
exactly know the norms of the country and they tend to remain silent and many
do not disclose the inappropriate behavior of their senior just because they
fear to lose the job.

possible example of whistleblower retaliation which includes demotion, threats,
harassment, demotion, termination, discrimination, isolation. The person who is
victim or the eyewitness of the act of such behavior 7-Eleven encourages them
to report immediately to the concerned authority. The individual who reports
such misconduct are whistleblower and we ensure that the identity of that
individual will be hidden anonymous in order to prevent them from being
threatened or bullied.


“Australian securities and investments commission
protects the whistleblower and their information including.

 Protection of information provider by

for whistleblowers against litigation

for whistleblowers from victimization  ”
(Australian Securities Commission)


 7-Eleven has its own code of conduct which is
applicable to all the franchisee, staff and management team which is very
precise and clear. We are fully aware and recognize the sensitivity of the
issues and believe that mature decision is required to encourage in fair
dealing. If there is any case of dispute then 7-Eleven will always negotiate
and resolve the matter with good intention and we expect same from all the
members who are associated with this entire team of 7-Eleven focuses on
ensuring  that all the activity that are
performed on behalf of the company will be ethical , unbiased and legal. Each individual
are expected to follow their responsibilities under the given codes of conduct
ensuring the employee rights are protected and the reputation and dignity of company
is kept high.

are obligated to provide all the new employees with the information about their
rights and responsibilities in the work place as soon as possible. Franchisor
will be bound to terminate the franchise agreement if they are found to break
these principles intentionally harming the long build reputation of the




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