Cleopatra than eight languages. A conflict in Egypt cause

    Cleopatra VII is one of the best-known pharaohs of Egypt, but she was never entirely Egyptian. Cleopatra was born around 70-69 B.C.

E to an Egyptian mother and a father of Greek descendant, making her almost equally Greek as she is Egyptian. Her mother, who was said to be her husband’s half-sister, died a decade later. Her father, the pharaoh, titled her co-ruler only to perish sometime afterward forcing her to marry her brother. Being the child of a pharaoh, Cleopatra was born into a wealthy family. She learned at a young age to read and write Egyptian. However, as she grew up, she knew more than eight languages. A conflict in Egypt cause Cleopatra to flee, giving up her throne. She had four siblings but later murdered three to keep her throne.

    After marrying her brother, Cleopatra continued to be co-ruler, but Ptolemy XIII’s advisor’s acted against her, which induced her to leave Egypt. She raised an army of her own and fought against her brother with the help of Julius Caesar. She charmed Caesar to shift sides which aided her to win back her throne. Ptolemy fleed Alexandria (and was later murdered). After Caesar declared Cleopatra and her brother the throne in Egypt, he remained in Egypt. Cleopatra, who was now Caesar’s lover, gave birth to his child in 47 B.

C.E. The infant’s name was Caesarion or, in Egyptian, Little Caesar.

Cleopatra did her best to persuade Caeser that this child was his offspring and should be the successor of his. Caesar denied her request. Shortly after, Caesar returned to Rome; Cleopatra, along with her brother and Caesarion, visited him in about 46 B.C.E. Only after Caesar’s death in 44 B.C.E would she return home to Alexandria.

     After returning home from Rome, she continued to raise her son. The death of her co-ruler, Ptolemy XIV, enabled her to rule with her barely four-years-old son as co-ruler. In the year 41 B.C.

E Marc Antony, who belonged to the Second Triumvirate of Rome, requested for her to question the alliance she made with Caesar. Cleopatra complied and meant Antony in the city of Tarsus. Antony, like Caesar, fell for Cleopatra’s charm which lead to a love affair in 41 B.

C.E. She hunted and even started a drinking club with him! Nearly a year later she gave birth to twins, Alexander Helios (sun) and Cleopatra Selene (moon).