Christopher Mesopotamia that’s where the sixty seconds in a

Christopher FloresMesopotamian InventionsResearch 6th gradeDr. MuellerOctober 23, 2017 Mesopotamian InventionsLocated in modern day Iraq Mesopotamia invented a huge amount of items.

Some of items the is even used today. Inventions include the first medicine, levees and chariots.Mesopotamia invented the first medicine. Medicine was used for illnesses, scratches or burns. Medicine in Mesopotamia was different it wasn’t as good as our medicine because they didn’t have good supplies. They had to use medication like roots or just a liquid that helped by healing faster they might have used vines or just clay maybe. Medicine is still very important it’s still used in modern day today. Hammurabi Code or Laws were used for protection and safety but some of the laws weren’t safe to anyone.

An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth one of the laws say “if one was accused for murder with no proof the accuser shall be put to death”. “If a son strikes his father then the child shall get his hand cut off”.Mesopotamia used a writing called cuneiform the scribes were only allowed to use to keep track of records or to keep track of food sometime used to tell different languages for royalty scribes were the only ones allowed to write. If someone not a scribe was caught writing he/she would have some consequences.

Cuneiform looks like symbols and pictures put together to explain something. Irrigation was needed in order to survive. Irrigation systems used quite a bit of time to  make. In order to make a irrigation system  h to dig, build, and repair canals. an Aqueduct is a underground water bridge that helped transport water from one place to  another the Shadoof was used for watering plants on a farm.

It has a counter weight that helps lift the water into the farmland.Sexagesimal was a counting system by sixties used by people in Mesopotamia that’s where the sixty seconds in a minute came from. That’s how Mesopotamians counted using this system. They invented this system because they needed a way to count. The Mesopotamians invented lots of items  . Many of the things we still use today.

The laws they used helped us create our laws today. Even some of the same medicine is still used today.Work citedHunter, Erica C. D., and Mike Corbishley.

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