China’s As East Asia move ahead to grow in

China’s growing power and influence raise important questions forcountries around the world, not least for Europe. ? rising China offers opportunities for greatercooperation among European Union member state.In order to successfully expand on the military, economic and politicallevel, China has begun to build the artificial islands. To build up the artificialislands, China constructs atop already existing islands, rocks and even atoll -coral reefs. In spite of this, building an island that can support airport andother military installations requires ? lot of sandfrom the seafloor. In other words, airstrips, radar arrays and all such constructiongive China the ability to project force throughout the region.

One of thebusiest trade routes in the world is the South China Sea and the region is oneof the most crucial zones in the world for fishing industry. Furthermore, theSouth China Sea may also contain bountiful resources beneath the surface, suchas oil and fossil fuel. As East Asia move ahead to grow in importance, theseresources, and who gets to control them, will become more important. China’sexpansion into the South China Sea is just one facet of rising dominance andplacement in the international community. Another key point to remember is thatChina and North Korea have close diplomatic relations, since the end of theKorean War, the two states have closely collaborated in security. North Koreais sponge between United States and South Korea. Both sides tried out theexercises, including the most advanced warplanes, and North Korea tested mostpowerful intercontinental ballistic missile. China urged calm and said war wasnot the answer, because war is not in any side’s interest.

I think states likeChina and Russia do not want to have ? border withAmerica and this is one of the reasons why they cooperate with North Korea. Though,they have an interest in protecting North Korea, they backed tougher UnitedNations sanctions against North Korea over nuclear tests. China is ? unitary sovereign state in East Asia with ? population of over 1.3 billion people.

The nation hasthe world’s largest economy by some measurements, the world’s largestpopulation and the fourth-largest territory.