China: became who they are today. In the year

China:A Country Built On Dynasties             The beauty, the wonder and the sites to see and youwonder “how did this ever come to be?” A place once built where dynasties onceruled over China. People, who formed China?s identity as a country. The HanDynasty, one of the many dynasties that helped to advance China?s history,social and political issues and their literature. Dynasties were the startingpoint as China would soon be deemed as one of the most well known countries inthe world. Many of China?s dynasties were crucial but one of the mostbeneficial dynasties was the Han Dynasty.

The history of the Han dynasty andhow they started was a big factor in making China where they are today becauseof the many things that they did.            The Han Dynasty was well known throughout China and thisis how they became who they are today. In the year of 206 B.C.

, the Han Dynastyruled over China. The Han Dynasty had to do many things in order to reign inChina for example they had to overcome the Qin dynasty, the dynasty that ruledChina prior to the arrival of the Han dynasty. Liu Bang, the first leader ofthe Han dynasty was known for being one of the many people responsible for thedefeat of the Qin dynasty, he played a very crucial part into making the Handynasty the leading power in China.

According to the “Ancient HistoryEncyclopedia”, “Liu Bang was the first Chinese Emperor who was originally a commoner”and also according to “Ancient History Encyclopedia, he was known as the”Ghazou Emperor” before that. It wasn?t long till the Han dynasty overthrew theQin dynasty and it was soon after the Han dynasty established their presenceand they settled in the city of Chang?am which according the “Ancient HistoryEncyclopedia” was known as the “imperial captial”. The city of Chang?am becamea very crucial city because according to the “Ancient History Encyclopedia”,”the city turned into a political, economic, military, and cultural centre ofChina.” It was soon later that Liu Bang had passed away which meant it was timefor a new leader to lead the Han dynasty in that era of China.

The Han Dynastyhad encountered many stuggles because there were many people that tried tosteal the throne from the Han dynasty after the passing of Liu Bang which putthe Han dynasty in danger of coming to an end. This person was known as Lü Hou and she was a very greedyperson, so greedy to the fact where according to the website “Ancient HistoryEncyclopedia” that she “tried to confiscate the Empire for her own family” aswell as “she murdered several of Liu Bang’s sons. Little did she know EmperorWen the last son of the late Liu Bang was still alive and it wasn’t too longtill he ended up taking the throne and when he had found out what Lü Hou triedto do, he ended up doing the same to her by killing all of the members of herfamily or as much as he could at the time, the Han dynasty would still live on.It was soon later that the Han Dynasty would start to do things that werebeneficial for China and would help China become the Country they are today.They had a very rich history and there were also many things that they did forChina that was very beneficial to getting China where they are today.            The Han dynasty benefited China inmany ways and there are many different things that they have done for China bothsocially and politically. The Han Dynasty being one of the longest lastingdynasties in China, was able to accomplish many things that were beneficial toChina and would be crucial to China’s society socially and politically. The HanDynasty did many things for China for example according to “The Ancient HistoryEncyclopedia” the Han dynasty “would have lasting effects on all who followed,particularly in the areas of government, law, philosophy, history, and art.

“Back then, the Han dynasty ruled China like any other dynasty where there was aruler of the dynasty and then people below whoever the leader/ruler may be.According to the website the “New History Encyclopedia” it was “during the Handynasty, China officially became a Confucian state” and according to thewebsite of “Encyclopedia Britannica” Confucianism is “still the substance oflearning, the source of values, and the social code of the Chinese.” The Handynasty was not only known for that but they were also known as a government thataccording to the “New World Encyclopedia” the “Han ruled justly and did notmisuse their power” as well as saying that the Han dynasty “gave the Chinese asense of unity. “However, over the years, according to the website “World Atlas”China “has been ruled by Communists since 1949.” During the Han dynasty, manypeople were satisfied with the work that the Han Dynasty did for China that accordingto the “New History Encyclopedia” people in China “to this day still callthemselves people of Han” which shows just how good of a job the Han dynastydid for China. China has also had its share of many shares of social issues forexample according to the website “The Wall Street Journal” there is “a broadsense of unhappiness with China’s government” as well as people saying thatChina has developed “selfishness.” The Han Dynasty was also known for many ofthe inventions that they had created to help advance China economically becausethe things that they created helped to. Some things that the Han dynasty createdwere things like the “Silk road” and according to “The Ancient HistoryEncyclopedia”, the silk road was known as “a network of trade routes” whichhelped to increase the amount of trade that China did with other countries/people at the time.

 According to “TheAncient History Encyclopedia” the Silk road was mainly used to trade with thewestern cultures and this is where most trade occurred in China at the timebecause of how widely it was used by those people, however it became known asaccording to the “Ancient Encyclopedia” as the “Silk Road”k. One of the manymain things that the Han dynasty had created for China that benefited China ina huge way was the invention of paper, paper then became a main source for themto document all of their work, research and other things and now today in China,paper is vastly used. The Han dynasty was also responsible for creating manydifferent works of art, such as pottery and many more. Many other things thatthe Han Dynasty had created was things such as tomb sculptures and they werealso known for advancing their technology by creating tools that was used forfarming and many other things that helped to benefit China today because of themany uses of the things that they created. They were also known vastly fortheir literature as the Han dynasty was one of the dynasties that literaturewas a big part in making that dynasty what it is known as today. Overall theHan Dynasty created many different things that helped to benefit China for thebetter and helped them to advance their knowledge and their technology for thebetter to this very day.

The Han dynasty was also known a lot for theirliterature because of how they advanced their literature and how they were oneof the dynasties that paved the way for literature.             The Han dynasty known for manydifferent things but another thing that they were well known for was for theirliterature. The Han dynasty really played an instrumental role in literature inChina to come. As mentioned before the Han dynasty had created paper which wasused to log down many things that writers wanted to write. One of the maintypes of literature according to the website “China Highlights” during the Handynasty things like “Confucian texts were rewritten and republished” because atthe time, the Han dynasty was a confucisim place. According to the website “China’sHighlights” during the Han dynasty the “major contributions were historicaltexts and scientific works.” However, another one of the main forms ofliterature that the Han dynasty was known for was the type of literature thatwas called prose.

Prose literature was known as the form of writing that wasthe common type or writing or considered “normal.”. The Han dynasty was one ofthe most well-known dynasties because of what they did for China and how theywere one of the very main reasons why China is who they are today. Their literatureset a mark on China because it set the milestone for many different works ofwriting to happen.

It was the Han dynasty that ended up carrying it through andadvancing literature for the future of China because of the certain works thatthey did. The Han dynasty really put China over the top, the Han dynasty notonly had a rich history that was interesting and authentic to China but theyalso had many different ways of how they ruled China as well as having a verydeep literature background for the types of work that they had presented to Chinathat is still used in China today and is still crucial to them as a whole.            The Han dynasty, easily one of themost influential and beneficial dynasties in the history of China because ofwhat they did for China. The Han Dynasty, one of the maindynasties responsible for advancing China?s history, social and politicalissues and their literature.

The Han dynasty dating back all the way to 206 B.Chad a lasting impact on China because of the many thigns that they did forChina. The Han dynasty proves that they were one of the most influential andone of the more interesting dynasties because of their history and the manythings that they did for China at the time. Whether it be creating paper oreven things as ruling as a dynasty that ruled correctly, the Han dynasty issomething in China?s history that should never be overlooked because of the maythings that they did for China at the time. The Han dynast also creating formsof literature that will always be used in China and something that will alwaysbe beneficial towards China?s future as a country. The Han dynasties effort toalways benefit  China and rule as long aspossible benefits China in the sense that it would set a standard for thecoming dynasties and also for China in the future.

Although to a certainextent, China has changed, the Han dynasty will never be forgotten for thecountless things that it has done for China and how greatly they ruled Chinawhile they were at rule during that era. The Han Dynasty will never beoverlooked and should never be overlooked in the history of China for the manythings that they have done for China.