Child often defined as work that deprives children of

Child labor. According to International Labor Organization child labor in general are defined by work or activities that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity “The term “child labour” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.

“(What is child labour, n.d). International Labor Organization(ILO) also stated child labor are commonly caused by poverty reason and their family really depend on it, some of their parents are not working and just spending the whole time at home, and when there is new company operating in near their living place area, their parents are pushing them to work at that company, even some company make contract with the parents. In Quora website there is an author that said child labor caused by 4 reason.

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First is poverty, second is poor child protection, in some company they do not have clear rules about child labor, and also in some country they do not have rules and punishment for company that doing child labor in their factory, the next is children are lack of education, some children do not get a good education which means they can not get ‘desk’ job or a ‘proper’ job when they grow up, and that leads their family to pushing them to do ‘rough work’. The last one is overpopulation, overpopulation plus lack of education are the best combination to not get a good job, also because of the overpopulation, when they grow up they still need to compete with hundred or thousand, even with a million people to get a job. If the company always obey the law, they never do child labor even when they need to cut the cost budget, but there are hundreds of recalcitrant company on this world, that disobey of law and ethical in business. Different from Kitkat, Bear Brand, which is also food and beverage brand from nestle that have specialty in producing milk doing some good work, that do not involve child labor in the product making process, they also have some good company social responsibility(CSR), for example, from nestle Philippine website they create a report they donate chairs to public school in Philippine trough ‘Laki sa Tibay’ campaign, the Tibay chairs are made from Bear Brand product’s empty foil packs that have been used and then it been collected then shredded, and mixed with raw materials to form polymers that can be used to created Tibay chairs that are typhoon-certified from the Department of Science and Technology, and the Tibay chairs have been spread all over the country to benefiting 4,064,441 Filipino children. “chairs will be donated to selected public schools in the country. The TIBAY chairs are made from the product’s empty foil packs that have been used, collected, shredded and mixed with raw materials to form polymers to be used to create chairs that are typhoon-certified by the Department of Science and Technology.” (Joseph, 2016)