Charles University and started studying at Christ College. He

Charles DarwinCharles Robert Darwin discovered a theory that advanced the study of human evolution and human origin throughout the world.

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1809. His parents were Robert and Susannah Darwin. He was the fifth of six siblings. Darwin’s mother died when he was only eight years old, resulting in him being raised by his older sisters. He attended multiple colleges and mainly centered his work in biology and anthropology. His grandfather, who died before Darwin was born, and father were both doctors and his father pushed Darwin to become one as well. He attended Edinburgh University as his first college.

Darwin studied medicine with his older brother there. The sight of blood made him extremely uncomfortable and he had no overall interest in becoming a doctor. He dropped out of Edinburgh University and started studying at Christ College. He eventually obtained his bachelor’s degree in theology at Cambridge University in 1831.Darwin met John Stevens Henslow while he was at Christ’s College. Henslow was one of Darwin’s  professor and took great interest in him.

After Darwin graduated, he was recommended by Henslow to be apart of the five year voyage of the HMS Beagle as ship’s naturalist. On the voyage, he began studying the origin of humans. He discovered the theory of Natural Selection which states that humans have evolved from animals, more specifically monkeys. He had the opportunity to collect and study many “animal produced” things.  He returned from his voyage and to England in 1836.After becoming more in depth with the study because of the voyage, he later published Origin of Species which explains the theory he was so fixated on. On April 19, 1882 Charles Darwin died from congestive heart failure. Not everyone agrees with this theory though.

Darwin had a response for those who disagreed with him. He dismissed their beliefs and assured that he was correct. “Anyone whose disposition leads him to attach more weight to unexplained difficulties than to the explanation of facts will certainly reject my theory”, said Darwin. He benefited the world by creating a base or foundation for the continued studies in the science of evolution and human origin.

The theory, along with our studies, has now advanced greatly and we are much more aware of our history.