CharactersPeter Hadley10 year old boySpoiled Had a bad imagination

CharactersPeter Hadley10 year old boySpoiled Had a bad imagination (dark thoughts like death)Has neuroses (mental disease) and Paranoia Disobedient to his parentsLazyDoesn’t care about actual parents (cares more about the nursery)Wendy Hadley10 year old girlSpoiledHas a bad imagination (dark thoughts like death)Has neuroses and Paranoia (mental diseases)Disobedient to parentsLazyDoesn’t care about actual parents (cares more about the nursery)George HadleyThe fatherSpoiled the kids Wants to do what’s right for his kids Lydia HadleyThe motherSpoiled the kidsAlways defending her childrenWants the kids to always be happy What does the author reveal about the characters?Peter and Wendy have mental disease (Neuroses and Paranoia)Live in a world full of technology (robots do everything for them eg.

shoelace tier)Spoiled by their parentsConflictBetween the kids and the parents regarding the nurseryWhere is it first revealed?When George the father starts telling the kids he will take the nursery away Peter starts threatening his father and continuously argue about itWhat does it represent?The nursery is supposed to help the kids with their mental diseases but it turned into a place of destructive thoughtsSettingHigh-Tech houseHas robots to do everything for themA nursery in the houseThe nursery can turn into anything they imagineHow does the setting help understand the plot?This helps us understand that the story is happening in the future because robots are doing everythingAlso that the nursery is very important Also puts images in our headsRising ActionWhen George and Lydia Hadley here familiar screaming coming from the nurseryWhen Peter and Wendy tell their parents to come downstairs and look at the nurseryThe parents find some of their belongs in the nursery covered in blood and saliva What information is revealed about the characters?We learned that the two kids (Peter and Wendy) are having destructive thoughtsAlso Peter and Wendy are always thinking about their mother and father getting killedWe also learn that the kids care more about their nursery than their actual parentsDon’t really care about parentsSelf dependant ClimaxWhen the father threatens to shut down the nursery and the house for about 1 month and live a normal life without robots to do everything for themExpositionLearn that there is something wrong in the house right awayParents call a physiologist to look at the nurseryLearn that the nursery uses odorophonics which tricks the brain by reproducing selected scents (let’s them imagine anything that they think of)Parents by kids everything they wantRobots do everything for them

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