CHAPTER.4 the direction of Mr. Safdar Liaqat to tell

  CHAPTER.4WORK DONEBY ME4.1 BranchIntroductionThe Bank ofPunjab Branch Sanda Road Lahore.Honestly talkingknow things might have been new to myself clinched alongside Bank of Punjab seteven now i have a great Academic data in any case sincerely talking it mighthave been totally transformed starting with those connected majority of thedata of the saving money.

Be that as by the grace about Allah Also capableshould ponder each area of the bank. 4.2 Period& Division of InternshipThe period of my internship is six weeks inthe BOP (Sanda Branch Lahore) The time of my internship is 15th May,2017to 14th July,2017. In this period, I done my work in threesections of the BOP. 1st Account Opening segment how to open theaccount. 2nd clearing Segment how to be clearing the cheques toother banks. And 3rd segment is remittances paymentssegment myself erudite in what way to transmute the currency from one apartmentto another apartment.

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 4.3 1st week-Training andExperienceThe most significant thing that I study isthat the change between the performances of officials. and study additionalchurch work of BOP in first week of my training I use to know about the job andwork of the part. What are the responsibilities and what are the events tocomplete that work. I study all these below the direction of Mr. SafdarLiaqat to tell me around all the happenings of their everyday routine ininitial week of my residency.

   4.4 2nd week      -ACCOUNT OPENING SEGMENTI consumed the 2nd weeks in account opening unit. I didwork in account opening sector when I was starting the bank follow oldtechnique to open account but nowadays BOP transfer near paper less finance andnow Bank of Punjab open account by using the SYMBOLS Banking Software. 4.5Week 3&4 -CLEARING SEGMENTMeAdditionally exertion over clearing part through my worth of effort i taught towardthe thing that strategy should assemble those diverse cheques for distinctivebanks. At that point i instructed how these cheques for distinctive banks justas exchange. To shared transmission each day, a meeting is held to NBP centerdivision Lahore. The commonplace from claiming UBL, ABL, bank al FALAH, bankfor KHYBER, Furthermore BOP might have been helping What’s more as needs beimparted transmission about cheques might have been held.

Mr. Bakhsh Ali sahib might have beenthe accuse about this unit. He furnished me a considerable measure forforethought. v InwardClearing     When cheques ofadditional Banks are deposited in BOP, after clearing these cheques through       NIFT (National Institutional FacilitationTechnologies) by the other Banks on which these are worn. Accounts of customersare qualified.v OutwardClearingWhen cheques ofour bank are dumped in other Banks and these cheques are referred to us forconfirmation, we debit our customer after confirmation their account.          NewMethodNow-a-Days this action finished NIFT. Approximatelycheques are resident and approximately are out of place.

The institute N.I.F.T.

delivers facilities in clearance the cheque. They refer the various cheque tovarious banks. The N.I.F.T package is only in infrequent towns, like Karachi,Lahore, Rawalpindi.

The cheque of entomb city is straight through N.I.F.T. Andwhere, the N.I.F.

T facility is not attainable so the cheque is focused completeT.C.S.    4.6`Week 5 & 6-REMITANCES SEGMENT:Ilikewise driven done payments fragment.

To payments unit i academic how on changeover those cash from one spot with extra spot. In this unit i learned, 1: DEMAND DRAFT. 2: ON LINE TRANSFOR. For everybenefit of the business there is requisition charged of the sender.

Thoserequisition of interest draft starting with 1 to 1lack is Rs; 160. The charges areon the request draft up to 1lack will be ascertained done proportion. The requisitionfor considering line change is Rs 350.         Chapter.5ANALYSIS5.1 SWOT Analysis SWOT is Aspread to an organization’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunity Also threats. ASWOT dissection incorporates of measuring dependent upon A firm’s interiorqualities What’s more Shortcomings What’s more its outside chances Alsodangers.

It will be A resource, to get A fast implication of an organization’svital condition. In the accompanying line’s the SWOT dissection from claimingBOP may be given:5.1.1               STRENGTH1.

     Those real bank over Pakistan with real number fromclaiming extensions through those nat. 2.     Need advertise organization on giving results What’smore administrations of the clienteles through those quite a while. 3.     Need more installments over different bank in therepublic of Albania. 4.     Major client shamefulness in the nation. 5.

     Need extra extensions and Thus accessible should morecould reasonably be expected clienteles over whatever available bank. 6.     BOP is ahead around learning bend over whatever viablebank over Pakistan need knowledgeable, world-class top banana organization. 7.     Need generate advancement aptitudes What’s morebelonging. 8.     BOP camwood supervises the weight from claiming battleWhat’s more need a few times crazy for battle viable. 9.

     It need advanced engineering Furthermore assets withfurnish with its clienteles. 10.  Disappointmentsand outrage on his/her staff will be rich for ability. 11.  BOPneed the goodwill of the persons and it may be Additionally a stake to it. 12.  Thetable striking plans Furthermore that’s only the tip of the iceberg sparing toclients starting with occasion when should run through. 13.

  BOPMastercard is more palatable over whatever available Pakistani bank Mastercard.14.  Bank’soversaw economy need those drive will make it best bank of the nat.5.

1.2  WEAKNESSES1.     Current BOP need tinny item offering What’s more offersexact slight for those clienteles. 2.     This may be because of those absence of good alsounremitting R & D.

3.     Publicizing aptitudes of the bank would good, anywaythey have minimal frequency at diverse medias. 4.     Those bring down level management fails to offerreasonable approach Also is not Hosting the manageress unpredictability. 5.     Workers are out absent impulse. 6.

     They also uneasiness from claiming downsizing. 7.     Have a greater amount worker, creating fiscal load onthe bank. 8.     Bank will be not using its it instruments on its fulllimit Also In this way plunging those effectiveness. 9.     Issue of unionism starting with laborers. 10.

  Mostelevated number for branches, influencing the upkeep of consistency Also sameattempting air in all around. 11.  Division’sinterior earth doesn’t current keen picture of the bank clinched alongsidepractically of the instances. 12.

  Correspondencehole the middle of different levels about association. 13.  Mostof the bank disappointments and outrage on his/her staff may be workstationuneducated. 14.  Morecomplex and in length methodology for record opening then at whatever bank inthe About.5.1.

3               OPPORTUNITIES1.     Include new goods/facilities on its result line. 2.     Bank ought to take enthusiasm toward the new marketsegments like it business, programming business and so forth throughout thisway, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be etc.3.     A huge possibility may be on turned into innovatorPreviously, introducing” web dealer Accounts” in the country. 4.     Coating saving money hours Furthermore Gave that agreater amount considering extension offices with clienteles.

5.     Expanding the ATMs to additional areas. 6.     Expanding credit administrations should easier groups,hence diminishing those hazard for reduction Furthermore civilizing the pictureof the bank. 7.     Whether new frameworks would have acquainted to thoseabroad Pakistani’s, afterward bank camwood get the business of installmentsmore than whatever available bank or” Hundi Business”. 8.

     Previously, December 2003 those bank is privatized, andthe good fortune may be there on catch those advertise considering in privatesection those banks could do well over in legislature fragment. Likewise,everywhere throughout the globe bank may be Typically from claiming privatenature.5.1.4       THREATS1. Expanding no.

Of private /outside banks in the country. 2. Around the world mechanicaltransformation change.

3. Political – investmentcondition of the country. 4. Diminishing in the businessactivities in the state. 5.

Decreasing rates of the fundsin distinctive areas about persons. 6. Deteriorating certainty aboutkin in banks. 7. Doubts of the moguls. 8. Office about finer benefits bythe private banks.

9. Fails to offer consistencyPreviously, Govt. Approach.    To SWOT analysis, we could attainthat the management of the bank ought to affirm sorted out arranging to thosebank’s growth, taking with them constantly on oversaw economy levels of thebank, determine new segment of the clienteles, putting forth newer frameworks toits clienteles. Similarly, BOP need More Customer What’s more their wants, thatpoint it will turn into once more those business pioneers.  CHAPTER.6CONCLUSION6.

1 Recommendation & Suggestionü BOP policy should be transparences & clear.ü BOP is required to motivate their supervisorbranch manager that they treat with their employee fairly.ü On the web saving money ought to should a chanceto be introduced overall those extensions.ü BOP should improve its performance appraisalsystem and it must be on merit.ü Employee training is essential, BOP shouldconduct training program for their workers.

ü BOP should make a good working condition likebranch physical environment working desk etc. If possible to avoid overcrowdingand allow each worker his or her own personal space.ü BOP should have differentiated ladies counterought should a chance to be there.ü BOP should a formal recognition program likeemployee of the month etc.

to motivate the employee.ü BOP should care employee’s incentives, bonuses& stock options. ü On the web saving money ought to should a chanceto be introduced overall those extensions. ü The fiscal illustration must on be committedadditional direct Furthermore trustworthy. ü BOP should motivate its employee with effectivecommunication.ü BOP should also work on latest advertisingtechniques, promotional strategies.     6.2 ConclusionAs we know internship is the great tool for gettingpractical and professional Knowledge.

As you have seen, I have done myinternship in BOP Branch Sanda Road Lahore. I have leant a lot of professionalactivities from this branch. During the work in different departments of bank Ilearn something new from each department, different tasks which I performedduring my internship are already explained in report. After writingcomprehensively report on BOP I have reached at this point on same aspect BOPhave strength over other banks as you have seen in SWOT analysis. But on theother hand        during my stay at thisbranch and after write this report. I have found some issue regarding BOPpromotional activities.

Bop don’t have modern marketing concept as compare toothers. Presently now till BOP has adopting traditional activities but Bopmanagement concept cannot know it is age of competition. As I have written inthe critical analysis BOP HR parties is also very poor. Employee jobsatisfaction is not up to market.

BOP has not any sound performance appraisalsystem where employee could get maximum benefits. On the other hand, BOP needsa good supervisor and leadership skills and ability to treat employee fairly.BOP should teach your supervisor, managers to use positive feedback. I havealso observed BOP is not offering attractive salary to their employee ascompare to other banks. Salary is not a motivator for workers. But they do notwant to be paid fairly.

BOP must make sure that it has clear policies regardingto salaries and bonuses.