Cartoons and knowledge. For those who love to watch

Cartoons are awesome! How many of you think that adults who watch cartoons are immature? How many of you think it is not? For your information, it is actually not wrong for adults watching cartoons. Besides, cartoons give you many benefits to adults and also children.

  According to Wikipedia, cartoon is a film using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects. Everybody knows that every people in this world cannot run away   from stress and problems. A short break will help you to get a great relief. So, how can we get the relief? Yes, by watching cartoons.

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If you said that are immature when watching cartoons, you should think it twice! So how about those who creates the cartoons? Are they immature too? Here I am going to tell you what are the benefits when adults watching cartoons. Firstly, adults watching cartoons can help gain many beneficial lessons and knowledge. Second, watching cartoons can release stress.

Third is watching cartoons can prevent bad activities to adults. The first benefit is watching cartoons help adults gain beneficial lessons and knowledge. For those who love to watch cartoons, you will find that there are some lessons that you can learn from them. You also can apply it into your life to solve problems or applied in your daily life. You also can develop your social awareness.

For example is Spongebob Squarepants. How many of your watch this cartoon? Look at the character of Spongebob and Patrick. Even though Patrick always do silly thing, spongebob still being friends with him. This shows that friendship not looking for perfectness but it’s who you are. Besides, you also can increase your science knowledge. From the same cartoon, you can learn what is a marine biodiversity and the adaptation in marine ecosystem. The second benefit is watching cartoons can helps adult release stress. As we know that adult cannot run away from stress either from study, exam or work.

Life is not full of bed roses. Usually cartoons more funny than real action. This is because cartoons can do anything. You can make many facial expressions that can make you laugh. There is a study that laugh is a better medici.

ne for your mind and body. Laughing works faster to bring body back into balance because it can lighten your burden, inspires hopes, increase spirit, keep focus and be more forgiving.  Laughter triggers the endorphins, which it is a hormone that promotes overall sense of well-being and can even relieve pain. It is a natural good chemical for our body.

The last is preventing bad habits. How watching cartoons can prevent bad habits? When watching cartoons, adults can avoid drug or alcohol is order to regulate moods.  There is no problems to escape from our own problems as long as you escape using healthy ways such as hanging out with friends or watching cartoons. You also can know various things about cultures and prevent bad habits in funny ways. Maybe the cartoons seem unreal but the moral that you get can be applied to prevent bad habits and become more matured. Cartoons helps you to know what is right and wrong. In conclusion, I really recommend adults watching cartoons as you can see here there are many benefits that you can get. It’s not about you are matured or immature but look into the positive ways.

Cartoons are for all either adults or children. Cartoons can refresh your memories and get happiness. To summarize this all, it is good for an adult watching cartoon either for education or entertainment.