Cardinal that competes in several competitive markets which includes

         Cardinal Health was founded in 1971 in Dublin, Ohio. It is a big competitor in the Pharmaceuticals industry. Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500 company that competes in several competitive markets which includes the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, and the manufacture of medical and surgical items such as gloves and surgical gowns. It’s estimated that the effort to make the purchase productive is sometimes twenty times more costly than the product itself. It provides medical products and services to the healthcare world to reduce cost and improve the qualities of healthcare.

Cardinal Health provides for pharmacies, hospitals and surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices that focus on patient care. They control some of the nation’s largest networks. Cardinal Health provides to many Americans at some of the top medical institutions in the world. Their products are used by most of the U.S.

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hospitals. They now want to provide the same quality and care to patients at home in a manner that is affordable. Cardinal Health is essential to the medical world supply chain it provides for clients in more than 60,000 locations on a daily. Cardinal Health’s supply chain members want to make solution that are capable of reducing unnecessary costs.

The medical industry for medicine is very expensive and Cardinal Health relies on marketing and communications specialist who can tell the story and can show why Cardinal Health is different from other healthcare providers. The hospital chain leaders play a huge role in the hospitals and the health systems. They deliver the hope we see in the hospitals not just the materials they make sure are provided for the hospitals. The industry of pharmaceuticals has to be close to perfection and constantly get better over time. Hospital chain leaders have to play more than one role in the company.

They have to make sure the quality of the products is good and the prices are not overly priced so the company want go into debt. Cardinal Health is exceptional with the healthcare supply industry. It continues to grow at a fast rate but investors fear investing because of the demanding drug prices.The company’s strengths outweigh the weaknesses but the company will still continue to be traded at or beneath its value because of the fear of the company losing money. Cardinal Health supply chain is meant to improve and demand more for the company. Hospitals have to understand the supply chain in order to do what’s best for the company. Hospitals goal is to reduce the cost of health care.

The products that are moved and the supplies are the  one of the largest expenses for healthcare providers. Cardinal Health spends an estimated $5 billion on medical devices alone. Cardinal Health is committed to diversity in their company.The healthcare supply chain has been transforming fast today. The supply chain is an effective way of saving it can be an important tool when operating with efficiency, safety and quality of care. We must continue to help supply chain professionals to collaborate with the hospital. Many health systems have to drive costs out of the system.

The company estimates that the industry could save at least $5 billion, by being  more effective with  management of high-value medical devices. Health system realize that will drive down the cost of care.Overall  2017 profits have fallen.

Management has guided that 2018 will be an investment year because the company needs money to continue to provide to the medical world. It is estimated that over 100,000 hospital patient deaths occur in the US each year because of mistakes that lead to drug interactions.Cardinal enjoys the access to their drug manufacturer and hospital customer. The value of the chain takes a sick patient and makes them well may involve hundreds of steps in the healing process. Cardinal was able to gain deep insight into the economics of the total chain.Take for example a common ward activity, the dispensing of a drug.

 In conclusion the supply chain of Cardinal Health is very costly to the company. Providing for many hospitals around the world. Cardinal Health wants to make healthcare as not costly as possible.