Candy a more color depth among all other types

Candy paint colors ensure a unique glossy effect and a more
color depth among all other types of color. This is the reason that candy paint
for cars is highly anticipated by car customization enthusiasts. The secret
behind its mentioned effects is its unique process for applying on vehicles.

How They Work

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The procedure for applying candy paint consists of three
steps which include the application of base coat, the candy coat and finally
the clear coat.

1. Base Coating

The application of a sparkling base coat is the first step.
The color of this coating very much affects how the resulting color will look
like in the end. Here comes one of the main advantages of candy paint that
different base color coating combinations can be tested and applied to get a
fully customized color of your choice.

2. Candy Coating

The second step is the application of almost transparent mid
coating which is the real ‘candy’ layer. This procedure works due to this
transparency of the mid layer. The sparkling base coat should be visible
through this layer so that it can give the deep glossy effect. A higher number
of candy coats decreases the visibility of base coat but provides the
opportunity to get thousands of color combinations. Therefore, it is highly
recommended that good quality proprietary colors are chosen for a sustainable
and durable final product.

3. Clear Coating

The third step is to apply 2K Urethane clear coating at the
end for preservation and more shine. Candy paint is more prone to fainting if
it is very often exposed to sunlight. Harmful Ultraviolet radiations can damage
the candy paint so a very careful selection of UV filtering clear coat is
essential. The most important thing after you get your vehicle candy painted is
to protect it from harmful UV radiations coming from the sun.

Deep Wet

Despite the whole difficult procedure, enthusiasts seek
candy paint for cars only because these paints give a deep wet shine to the
metallic surface of vehicles. The shine appears to be immersed in the color.

The factors affecting the quality of final results include
the quality of base color, of candy paint as well as the skill level of the
person applying the procedure. Therefore, all factors should be kept in mind by
the automobile owners or the ones getting their cars custom painted.


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Note: Please don’t forget to do some research on the
clear coating options to make an informed decision. The clear coating to be
applied above the candy layer must be of high-quality UV filtering material.