Café and the third is located upstairs, normally is

de la Poste is a restaurant located in Lutry, Laussane near to the lake and was
created in by the Simon family. This restaurant gave the opportunity of been
part of their family starting with an interview with the supervisor called
Severine Roulier who explain me the characteristics of the job like cleaning the
tables, taking the dishes from kitchen to the customer, taking orders, mop the
floor, sweep the floor, wash the plates and glasses, dry the plate and glasses,
polish the knife, forks and spoon, prepare the desserts, set up the tables,
clean the terrace, prepare the salad in the pass and organize the buffet

section, in this part of the restaurant you can wash the plates and glasses,
dry the plate and glasses, polish the knife, forks and spoon and prepare the
desserts. The restaurant have three big rooms inside and one outside called
terrace. The first room is call “Cafe” this is a silence and calm room, the
second is called “Salle Manger” with a wonderful view to the lake and the third
is located upstairs, normally is use in winter season or for social events like
Christmas, conferences, meetings, birthday, private events, wedding
celebration, religious events, political events, etc. and outside is located
the terrace, you can enjoy of the view, nice people, weekend events during the
summer, parades, etc. other important section of the restaurant is called pass,
this is a big table located in front of the kitchen and is use to prepare the
salad and dressing.

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restaurant is famous for the sea food especially for a dish called “Filet de Perche”,
this plate goes with one mix salad (green salad, carrots, cabbage and red
cabbage) as started and you can order the fish with fries, vegetables or rice.
Other dishes are Crevettes sautées au curry rouge (Shrimp skewers with red
curry sauce), green salad with mushrooms and with sauce, etc. Normally the
reservations are made by big families, businesspersons, retired people, etc.
and during the day the restaurant is visit by foreigners, young people or local
people just to have fun or take something to drink.

big groups the restaurant offer a special menu called Café de la Poste, as
started this menu have Feuilleté Épinards Et Morilles is a kind of bread with
spinach, then you have Filet de Perche as main course and you can order a
dessert. Some of the desserts are: caramel, chocolate, vanilla, café, lemon,
apricot, pear, mango and coco ice cream; tarta tan (apple pie); strawberry cup
with whipped cream, sorbet arrose abricot (apricot ice cream with apricot
liqueur); sorbet arrose poire (pear ice cream with pear liqueur)     

best thing of this restaurant is the lake view, the amazing attention from the
employees, the calm environment, the fresh food and vegetables and the verity
of drinks like lemonade, soda, vodka, wines, beer, cocktails, tea, coffee, etc.
The weakness of the restaurant is that during the big events or when the
restaurant is full the staff panics and sometimes the orders are deliver in the
wrong table and the client start complaining about it.