By the problems related to the elderly and people

By nature, being of an inquisitive demeanor, the variety of challenges offered by health and social care is intriguing. It is one of the few professions which challenges both your mental and moral agility, traditionally overlooked as a ‘soft’ subject, yet in recent years has shown to have one of the highest values in public sector spending in health care.

In the world of increased technology, advanced medical research, and ever-growing world populations, the medical industry is constantly innovating to meet demands of the aging populations’ crisis in the UK and other western countries. I am drawn to the study of Health and Social Care because I anticipate it being unique among other medical fields. There are many different sectors of medical health in which one can specialize, its diversity and the broad spectrum of knowledge means that one is never limited to they study. Nonetheless, the most captivating feature for me is the moral aspect encompassed within the study. Living in a time where everything has a politicized and economic value attributed to it, social care roles have a direct positive impact on wider society.

Health and social care provide a refreshing counterbalance whereby a person can actively change and improve people’s lives constantly. To me, this is really what it means to be human.I have chosen the Health and Social Care Course for a definite reason supported by my previous experiences in this field. Our society is aware of the problems related to the elderly and people with disabilities and additional needs. Our society tries to do everything that is possible; nevertheless, there still an existence of the variety of issues that can be observed daily. There is simply a lack of human resources to provide people in need with professional help. In this way, I have done The BTEC Level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care Course; this experience allowed me to develop and acquire necessary knowledge such as legislations and their importance and implement them during my work with people. Needless to say that it is crucial to emphasize the reinforcing of the theoretical knowledge base with practical experience, and I have it under the guise of 3 years of placement experience, which, in its turn, has provided me with confidence in my choice.

I have had a great opportunity to work with the elderly in residential homes. In addition to that, I have worked with professionals in this field who have given priceless information and knowledge to implement them in achieving my career dreams. Apart from that, I have participated in the school trip to Disneyland Paris where I have insight on how to make such places suitable for everyone because, unfortunately, society sometimes forgets that people with additional needs and disabilities want to live and lead on a meaningful life but do not have an opportunity for this. All these observations, practical experience, and theoretical background have shaped my vision on current issues within the particular segment of society, and the Health and Social Care Course is a crucial turning point in my education to acquire more necessary skills and abilities.  Being enrolled in the Health and Social Care Course will open many doors for me. It will allow me to train and pursue my future career goals. Although I am optimistic, I am aware of the unavoidable challenges I will face.

However, I am confident and eager to accept and proceed with these challenges. Going to university will help develop and realize my full potential both academically and internally. I will be immersed in work with different people of varying ages and social backgrounds. Thus, I am going to focus on developing my communication skills which should have a direct positive impact on my professional profile and competitive ability.