Buddhism of sacred hymns and stories that can be

Buddhism is a religion that doesn’t have a god that is worshiped and is more thought of as a way of life.

In Buddhism, there is not a caste system and anyone can achieve Nirvana. In Buddhism, there is no sacred stories or hymns. In Buddhism, Buddhist follow all the rules on what they can and cannot do. But they are required to follow the “4 Noble Truths”. These truths are:  Our life is at a disadvantage because our minds are not insouciant. The reason that leads to our suffering is simply that we want things we can not adjust. All we have to do to stop the suffering is to not want.

 The way we learn to no longer want is to follow the “8 Fold Path”.  About 7-8% of the world’s population(in 2010) practiced Buddhism. The founder of Buddhism, the Buddha, was Siddhartha Gautama and the religion Buddhism was based off of his learnings after his enlightenment. A Buddhists goal is to get to nirvana and when nirvana is reached the process of birth and rebirth is ended.

Also, it is a belief that you can be reincarnated as anything.In Hinduism, there is one god, Brahman who is seen in many different ways. In Hinduism there a caste system that goes priests, warriors, landowners, servants, and at the bottom the untouchables.

Around 15% of the world’s population practices Hinduism(since May 2017). Even though there is said to be no true founder of Hinduism is a mix of the Aryan and Dravidian peoples beliefs.Hinduism has lots of sacred hymns and stories that can be found in books. These sacred stories can be thought was the Vedas. Hindus believe that everyone has a soul and this is called Atman.

This is an immortal soul that will come in contact with Brahman once again. Like our souls Hindus believe that the truth is too eternal. Also, it is believed that you can only be reincarnated as a human being nothing else. Finally, in Hunisims the goal is to meet with Brahman again. In comparing the two religions they do have some similarities.

Like how both of these two religions originated from India. In Hinduism and Buddhism they both practice the act of nonviolence. Buddhism there is a belief in Dharma and Karma, likewise in Hinduism. As well as Dharma and Karma, Hinduism and Buddhism both believe in the afterlife. Plus both do believe in reincarnation but in Buddhism, it is believed that you can be reincarnated as anything but in Hinduism, you can only be reincarnated into human form. Also, both Buddhism and Hinduism believe in the cycle of birth and rebirth and in hopes that you will one day achieve a goal of stopping the cycle. Also both religion practice the art of meditation.

In conclusion the two religions, Buddhism and Hinduism are 2 of the oldest religions. These religions have their differences in what makes them into what they are today. But they do also have things that are similar. These two religions both came from India and now can be seen practiced around the world and equal to about 22-23% of the worlds population of people that practice it.