Bruno love from the prince could break her from

Bruno Bettelheim explains  how the history of many different fairy tales are very appealing  to both parents and children, but mostly people that are old enough to understand it. He explains their significant differences between cultures when it comes to fairy tales. Bettelheim shows that children’s perception are different depending on whose reading it. Bettelheim allows others to see the different perspective of both sides,  to those who believe in fables. He proves that there will always be an which do not promise happy ending. Bruno Bettelheim’s “The Sleeping Beauty”explains  the meaning behind Sleeping Beauty, and why she falls into a deep sleep.

Only true love from the prince could break her from this deep sleep.      Sleeping beauty falls into a long deep sleep and wakes and suddenly she matured and prepared to have a family. Their comes a point in life where young children have to ages face the stage of puberty.

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When females go through puberty they are basically learning how their body works. “Adolescence is a period of great and rapid change….even dangerous behavior to prove oneself.

” (Bettelheim 225). Young females tend to get slow moving there’s so much going on in there bodies, and they aren’t used to it as yet. It’s like a bubble that as born inside of them that is finally released, so it’s life changing to young teenage females.

. This relates to Sleeping Beauty because Talia goes into a deep sleep during her teenage years and wakes up into a mature women.        Most parents are insecure when it comes to the growth of their children. In Sleeping Beauty, the King didn’t want spinning wheels in the castle because the curse that was put on his daughter, which was puberty.”it does not take imagination….she pricks her fingers and falls into sleep” ( Bettelheim 233) On talia’s sixteenth birthday she pricks herself with the spinning wheel, this made her  fall into her long  deep sleep.

What everyone calls Talia’s sleep is actually her puberty. Her father is ashamed of his daughter’s puberty, because it’s life changing. This caused  him to leave her in shame. When a princess has power in her kingdom, and she has any sexual relationships, the king/ father usually feels it is very dangerous.

The king feels like all her innocents will vanish.            Boys puberty are very much different, boys want to prove their manhood by going out into the world like war or just being the man of the house. “in real life and fairy tales  they try to prove….. Often through dangerous adventures” (Bettelheim 226).

After the prince’s father died he ended up going int to war, this was one of the way he proved he matured into puberty. In Sleeping Beauty when the prince goes off hunting and comes across Talia’s castle and decides to wonder the insides of it to see if he would find the princess. It is also shown when the prince see’s Talia and “cohabitates” with her.

(Bettelheim 227) This is what her father was afraid of.          In Sleeping Beauty, they go into detail and criticizes the type of puberty and growth for each gender, in fact in Sleeping Beauty it demonstrates that there are two types of puberty that one person can undergo. Bettelheim makes a point about ” when a girl is shown as turning inward in her struggle to become herself, and a boy as aggressively dealing with the external world”, this  shows that one has to find themselves. Bettelheim feels that “children know that, whatever the sex of the hero, the story pertains to their own problems.

” This has a chance of being true.     In Bettelheim’s analytic he explains how if someone goes through puberty, they reach a   “new section of their life like a rapid change”, because it just so happens so fast. In Sleeping Beauty when her father leaves, she finally meets another King which happens to be her future husband. This goes to show the new change that occured in her  life which was puberty, it  puts an individual  through a lot. In Sleeping Beauty Talia’s castle is covered in “thorn bushes to keep people” like the prince away from touching her,  “for a long period of time” ( her deep sleep ) and eventually the thorns go away and the bushes turn to flowers. This was all because of her father. This show that she hasn’t gone through puberty, but now she is ready to become a woman because she has fully matured.

       When the hundred years are up in Sleeping Beauty the forest naturally shrinks from dying, the prince finally passes. When it became the time for things to  happen, they will do so “naturally”. Talia menstrual cycle is a natural thing that she has to go through in order for her life to process.  The good part about it is that the prince does not have to fight for the princess. Unlike other they have to face a ton of obstacles to even get next to the girl that they want.

When a young teenager goes through her years of puberty she has now become maturity and is prepared for what comes next “love, marriage, sex, and motherhood”       In both Perrault’s and the Grimms’ versions show how the king and queen had wanted a children for a long time before she even got pregnant. Sleeping Beauty’s hundred year sleep,was traumatizing because her or the queen didn’t know if they would have tolerated this wait.. Bettelheim interprets that “there is no need to hurry toward sex’ because ‘it loses none of its rewards’ no matter when it is experienced”. Basically if you don’t rush things and just let things happen on their own naturally then they have more value and meaning. Sleeping Beauty’s deep sleep made her have more things to offer because she basically slept most of her life without any interruptions or things that didn’t belong in her life.

     In Perrault’s , sleeping beauty wakes up as a different person ( into a woman ) and is very anxious to get to know the prince. ‘Sun, Moon and Talia,’ they wed, have children and spend the rest of their lives happily together , well, after vanquishing the evil wife/stepmother/ogress first, as you do!” Sleeping beauty awoke into a mature women, who has go into puberty and was very to start her life. Perrault goes on to say that “young girls, though, yearn for married bliss.’ Those who rush into love before they are ready will not get the chance to mature properly, and therefore will miss out on enjoying their relationship to its full potential”. Those who wait always have good things that come their way.

If you mature properly , focus on the right things and put love last things will go right. They say it’s better to not look for love and let love come to you.         In Bettelheim’s interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, the “curse” would have drawn blood (menstrual cycle),which the king didn’t want so he tried to prevent it,but this ended up turning into the long sleep and finally Talia woke up into adulthood. In Sleeping Beauty the sexual interactions changed everything around.

In Bettelheim’s version he has much more of  sexual like  interpretation, there were several parts where it went overboard, but the fate aspect level of it as cool. In his criticism it seem like ever was just so  inevitable.  I liked his point when he said our “father needing to trust his daughter”, Talia’s father didn’t have any trust this is why all this bad stuff ended up happening to her.    It’s mind blowing how you can  look at a story in many different ways,  and you start to see and realize so many things. It’s like a various of thing come to light. It’s a good thing question stories and have many different thoughts of why things happen they way they or just look into their depths, even if you don’t find anything or your questions don’t get answered right then and there.