BRAND movement with a Poignant film, it is played


Ø  P&G India now serves over 650 million consumers across India.Ø  CEO: David S. Taylor (1 Nov 2015–)Ø  Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio, United StatesØ  Founded: 31 October 1837, Cincinnati, Ohio, United StatesØ  Revenue: 65.29 billion USD (2016)Ø  Founders: James Gamble, William ProcterABOUT CAMPGIAN:   THE IDEA A social movement for inspiring and empowering Dads, head of the family to share the load of laundry with their wives and start removing the cultural stain (something that is not easily removed) of gender inequality at home.

THE SOCIAL MOVEMENT – DADS #ShareTheLoadActivities that are developed: 1. Generating huge publicity for Ariel by evolving the debate about gender inequality at home by making filmIn India, most effective way to grab the attention of media and social-influencers is the film. They started the movement with a Poignant film, it is played in cinemas and national television and online. That film showed one Dads journey of realizing and regretting for his and other Dads lack of action for stopping the gender inequality at home which will affects his daughter.

This film showed how Dad taken steps to rectify his inaction by sharing the load of laundry.   2. Maximizing the engagement by taking the issue more relevant and personal:They created a different way for families to discuss the issue and make a light touch to Dads.Activity: They worked with popular calendar- kalnirnay, developed calenders in which the dates split laundry task equally between Moms and Dads.

And also partnered with Tinkle- one of the most influential Children’s comic books, created different stories how Tinkle share the load. 3. Converting the attention and goodwill generated to trial and sales of Ariel Matich.They have done key change to packaging and launched the Ariel Matich, pack with unique calendar which helps dividing laundry between Dads and Moms equally which is making in-home experience that made Dads to start sharing the load.OBJECTIVES:•      To provoke the thought that when financial sharing is equal then household work will be equal too.•      To bring down the statistics overworking women while men are at rest.•      To go beyond business and give some socially accepted message.

•      We need to the create a platform that would allow Ariel to become a brand that mattered to the urban Indian woman.•      ShareTheLoad is tagline for campaign. TARGET AUDIENCE:•      Being a premium detergent brand, Ariel is targeting the urban Indian woman.•      They’re both working and non-working women.•      Breaking the stereotypes (removing gender inequality) RESEARCH ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN:•      In November 2014 AC Nielsen, with supported of Ariel India (from P&G) conducted research on Indian Households (with a total of 1000 respondents) among men and women in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore •      Findings of this research was that generally men believed that laundry is a woman’s job•      The agency, BBDO (India) in this case, started a movement for Ariel so as to raise the emotional equity of the brand.•      Then #DadshareTheLoad is created.•      Research shows that 76 percent of Indian men feel laundry is a woman’s job and 85 percent of Indian women feel they are working two jobs, one at work and another at home.

   RESULTS:•      This campaign got 50 million views in under 15 days, it became India’s most viewed viral advt.•      Ariel improved lives of millions of Indian women by making laundry interesting for Men.•      In a $4.5 billion category, Ariel Matic sales grew 60% versus year ago. i.e. 2X of target. Men also using the laundry in India 1.

57millions.•      There was 28% uplift in Ad recall for Ariel amongst people who saw the “Share the Load” copies in social media platform. They is highest response rate with consumer engagement increasing nearly three times. •      98% of consumers interviewed would recommend Ariel to their friends•      Millions engaged, resulting in over 1.6 billion free earned Impressions•      While the men pledged to share the load, Ariel became closer to the woman’s heart. Ariel was so successful in influencing the cultural fabric of the country, that one of India’s biggest matrimonial portals- Jeevansaathi.

com made ‘Sharing the Load’ a vital criterion to choose a perfect life partner.•      Share the load is a unique and emotional equality platform. WHY PEOPLE LIKED THE CONTENT???•      The basic reason that the video is being massively shared across social media is that it’s very real and relatable.•      P&G India wins the bravery award for Ariel detergent’s “Dads ShareTheLoad” at the 53rd edition of the International ANDY Awards. Apart from this top honour, India also bagged two silvers at the awards.

   •      The campaign also won a silver in the integrated media category.