Both them, hence he banishes himself. In Doll’s House,

Both climaxes start with arevelation. In Oedipus, we see him reveal the mystery about himself and thecrimes he committed. Crimes that make him deeply guilty yet he had not controlover them, hence he banishes himself.

In Doll’s House, we see Nora’s signatureforgery and Nora learning the kind of man Torvald is and that, all this timethere was no love between the two especially when he cannot forgive her in fearof losing his honour hence decides to leave Torvald and the children and go outthere to purse her own life instead of staying there with a stranger From the revelations welearn that Torvald and Nora had been married for eight years and had 3 children..We also learn that Torvald did not value Nora as much as she loved her todestroy her dignity in order to save his life. Furthermore, we learn thatTorvald valued his honour more than loving Nora.

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We see Nora’s characterthrough her expressions and arguments before leaving Torvald. We learn that sheis a loving woman and that she sacrificed a lot in the name of love. She isfirm and straight seen when she says she is leaving Torvald and doesn’thesitate to tell him she doesn’t love him anymore. Torvald constantly referredto her as a bird and child, this animal and child imagery reflect Nora’sapparently innocent and carefree nature.Nora’s situation isdifferent from Oedipus. Nora finds out that Torvald did not really love him andall this time he was taking her for a ride because after the debt blackmail wasout, Torvald did not forgive her because of his pride and honour protection.

Nora realizes that her understanding of herself, her husband, her marriage, andeven her society was all wrong. She then decides that she can no longer behappy in her life and marriage, and resolves to leave in order to find a senseof self and learn about the the other hand King Oedipus finds out thathe had killed his father and marrying his mother unknowingly. This forces himto banish himself out of the kingdom.

Though they’re leaving, Oedipus is sureof death while Nora leaves a door for coming back.Nora did the right thing because she feltlike a play. This realization that there isn’t and has never been any lovebetween them seals her decision to leave.” Our home has been nothing but aplayroom. I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I was papa’sdoll-child” She says. Her exit leaving the husband and the children is anew start and the chance to grow up and be a woman.