Boston the British were just bringing more soldiers. The

Boston Tea PartyBoston Tea Party-The incident occurred on December 16 1773, when a group of  colonists from Boston boarded a ship owned by the East India Company loaded                              with crates of tea. The colonists were revolting against the tea tax the British imposed on the colonists without colonial representation in the British parliament. The colonists threw the crates of tea overboard into Boston Harbour.

Soon they got caught by the Redcoats. The Redcoats had closed off Boston Harbour to make sure that the crates of tea got to the city of Boston safely.Battles       Battle of Bunker Hill-  The Battle began Early in the Revolutionary War on June 17 1775, on the Charleston Peninsula of Boston Harbour. This battle was followed by the battles of Lexington and Concord, the colonists were determined. Breed’s Hill was the name of the hill where the Redcoats started to fire. The battle had began and the Redcoats retreated the colonists thought they had won, but really the British were just bringing more soldiers. The colonists retreated with dead men and wounded men, and a battle lost.

The colonists thought that they were to outnumbered and that they were done, but what they did not know though, was that the Redcoats had more than half of their soldiers dead or wounded as well the colonists would have won but they had lost because of a lack of gunpowder.       The Battle at Yorktown- This battle began on September 28, 1781  was the last battle to win their independence and helping them were  the French Fleet. The colonists were going to surprise attack the Redcoats. Rochambeau’s ship came into Chesapeake Bay.  If the French did not make it in time the colonists victory would be lost, and the British would escape. If the French made it the Redcoats would be outnumbered and have much more ammunition to defeat the British. Soon General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown which meant Victory for the Colonists.

Amazing PeopleSamuel Adams-  Sam Adams failed as a brewer and newspaper writer                                   before becoming one of the independence movement’s most celebrated leaders and statesman. During the 1760’s and 1770’s Sam Adams frequently wrote controversial  newspapers for Boston. He recruited talented young men such as Josiah Quincy, Joseph Warren, and his 2nd cousin John Adams who conceived of the Boston committee of Correspondence and took a leading role in its formation and operation from 1772-1774.Sam Adams was among people who planned and coordinated Boston’s Tea act, which arose the Boston Tea Party, he later worked for the creation of Continental Congress, helping propel it into supporting Massachusetts in the crisis.