Bos Waterless Bos Taurus fecal matter is given as

Bos Taurus fecal matter is the wasteproduct of bovine animal species. It is the unclassify wreck of plant matterwhich has passed through the animal’s vital. Bos Taurus fecal matter also knownas “Cow dung” which is a source of a green energy. Bos Taurus is often used asmanure (agricultural fertilizer).

Bos Taurus fecal matter, usually color isdark brown. Bos Taurus can dry out and stays on the range, creating an area ofherbage land which is brackish to livestock if not recycled into the soil byspecies such as earthworms and dung beetles. Waterless Bos Taurus fecal matteris given as fuel in the past mountain regions of Europe. Traditionally, BosTaurus fecal matter has been used as a fertilizer in a farm, to produce biogas,the usually given and compose until today is dung.

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Any idea what Bos Taurusfecal matter made up? Bos Taurus manure (fecal matter) is primarily made up ofdigested grass and particle. Since grass and grains is their dominant food thatcontains carbon dioxide and rich in nutrients, Bos Taurus fecal matter is highin organic material. 3 percent nitrogen, 2 percent phosphorus, 1 percentpotassium (3-2-1 NPK) are Bos Taurus fecal matter contain is. Potentiallydangerous pathogens and high levels of ammonia that fecal matter have it. Theuse of Bos Taurus manure or cow dung is many rural areas that use popularpractice in the garden. This type of manure is not rich in nitrogen.

When thefresh manure is directly applied to the plant, the manure can burn a plantbecause of high ammonia levels.Multiple benefits can give of compostedmanure to the garden. Several benefits, composting Bos Taurus can furnish. Inextension to exclude harmful ammonia gas and pathogens (like E. coli), as weedseed, composted Bos Taurus manure will append munificent amounts of organicmatter to the soil.

By combining this compost the soil, Bos Taurus fecal mattercan enhance the moisture holding complement. Less water is needed since BosTaurus fecal matter can give additional water and nutrients whenever the plantsneeded it. It will upgrade the aeration, helping compacted soil to break up.  Composted Bos Taurus contains beneficialbacteria that convert nutrients effortlessly accessible forms so they can beleisurely out without plant roots picking up burning tender.

30 percentbacteria and other microorganism, Bos Taurus manure can be up to. To theplants, the preponderance microorganism is very beneficial. By breaking downthe organic matter, the microorganism forming humus, microorganism  can also change the nutrients from forms thatare unavailable to form available plant, microorganism can retain nutrients inthe soil and from partnerships with plants to increase the health and growth ofthe plant.

In nitrogen cycle the microorganism play as a vital role andmicroorganism can also break down the pollutants in the soil. In the manuremost microorganism is very beneficial, the remaining microorganism may bepathogens. As what written on the top there is slight possibility that freshmanure can affect the plant and spread diseases if the food crops used. BosTaurus can also contains weed seeds. Some Bos Taurus manure may also containtoo much sodium for healthy plants growth, depending on how the cattle werefed. This is not problem where rainfall is very high but the sodium can buildup and cause problems in arid or semiarid. Bos Taurus manure fertilizer in allforms that good in extension to the vegetable garden it only means Bos Taurusfecal matter is good in Allium cepa.

Bos Taurus manure fertilizer is dried andbagged it only means similar loss of digestive enzymes will happen.