Born Prowler” broke into the abandoned Oscorp industry to

Born in Brooklyn, New York. He was a normal kid from Earth-1610.

Not knowing about his father and uncle criminal past. But his father refused the life of crime while his uncle continued. By choosing to be part of Miles life even to spend time with him. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn is now in the custody of SHIELD now that he is publicly known as Green Goblin. With Oscorp empty before Peter Parker’s death, Miles uncle as now the costumed thief “The Prowler” broke into the abandoned Oscorp industry to loot the building, but unknown to him a super altered spider enhanced with the OZ formula slipped into his bag.With Miles in school now at the time, he visited his uncle.

Discussing about school and such only to lead to the spider to appear and bite Miles on the hand who soon passed out from it. When he woke up, his father arrived and after a heated discussion with his uncle Miles fled the apartment. Running he soon discovered his powers as he leaped around and started to become invisible without him knowing.Telling his friend about what happened to him they both learned that Spider-Man got his powers from a spider bite just like he did. When an emergency occurred at his school, it was the Ultimates battling nearby and Spider-man been wounded by gunshot.

Which caused him to sneak out and head to Queens to help out, by the time he arrived he was too late. Attending the funeral and learning of his name along with the philosophy he followed by he was inspired to take up the mantle of being Spider-Man in his place.Learning as it was quite harder than he thought, after a while he encountered his world Spider-Woman. Soon he was knocked out and ended up in the Triskelion in a cell. As Electro broke out of his cell nearby Miles helped out and soon was let go free. With courtesy of Nick Fury himself Jessica Drew A.

K.A Spider-Woman showed up at his school with a case that contained his new Spider Suit and webshooters. He was the new Spider-Man, which soon took a turn for the worst how his Uncle soon knew about his secret which ended up with his death as a result from a explosion from fight between him and Miles after one of his nights of a criminal.After a while and few failed attempts of crime fighting, he came across the family and loved ones of Peter Parker; MJ, Gwen Stacy and May Parker. All spoke to him directly before giving him Peter’s webshooters to help him along with Captain America who disapproved at first of Miles before deciding he needs much more training. After a while of being with the Ultimates and going on adventures it was much more than he expect before having worse run in with Venom which ended in a tragedy causing his own mothers death which made Miles to decide to rip and tear his suit apart being Spider-man no more.

A year later he has been living his life afterwards much to his best friend and Spider-Woman breathing down his neck to become Spider-Man again which soon Spider-Woman convinced him after a face to face conversation. Then from that day forward Miles has been on countless adventures and encounted many beings such as a Cataclysm and a Secret Wars where upon different earths and realities which caused him to enter another timeline. Waking up in Earth 616 where there is the original Spider-man still alive, and he lives among with his family complete intact and alive, where he knows swings around the city as Spider-Man.