each different one from the other. In is a web-directory that contain many reviews about all the important and relevant Bitcoin-websites and his effort is to bring all of them under one roof.

There is possible to find news and information about a big number of websites that are useful to be informed and updated on Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. A big number of exchanges has lead to the creation of a big number of platforms that come with their own set of offers and characteristics each different one from the other. In you can easily access the various platforms and gain insight into them. An unbiased approach is followed to evaluate these platforms.

When someone is planning to use such platform, then he can find in the reviews the basic understanding and additional knowledge of the services offered by the platform he plans to use. The traders are advised to always start with small tradings and increase when they gain experience and confidence with the platform. is open to all the different platforms and websites and everyone can submit a quality Bitcoin website or a review. Many traders are seen getting confused about choosing the right platform for them, reading the reports they will understand them better and will be able to make an informed choice. In the visitor can choose the category he is looking for, and then follow the links each unfolding something important for him. The various categories that you will encounter are: Exchange: here can be checked information about various platforms and features and exchange of different countries.

Wallet: There are various wallet apps and websites and since every cryptocurrency requires a wallet the information on them are relevant and gathered under this head. Blockchain: Interlinked and growing lists are all recorded under this head. Stock quotes and charts: Comparisons platforms and analysis charts can all be found here.

News and Media: Any new currency created or news about the cryptocurrencies will find its first place here. Earn Bitcoins: Different ways to earn Bitcoin and what they mean when it comes to Bitcoins is discussed under this head. Shopping: Thinking about where you could spend your cryptocurrency and whether that platform is secure or not, this is where you can find out. Betting and Games: Combining two of your favorite activities trading and gaming.

Many platforms allow the use of these cryptocurrencies to play your favorite game. How these platforms are performing, you can check out here. Forum: Open forums are a trend that allows people to come and share their opinion.

Under this head, you can find information about the better forum that talks about the argument Bitcoin. Developer: Know who is creating a new currency or what new app or website is now available. Investment: Never miss a Bitcoin-investment opportunity when you have an update about the latest offering just about here. Then at the bottom of the website, in the footer, there is a converter that makes the immediate conversion from EURO or DOLLAR to BITCOIN. This means that the users can check the rates offered and the market condition immediately.

One does not have to do much maneuvering to find out what they are looking for as everything is neatly laid out for them. is an aim to concise the scattered information for the users.