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betatrendingnewhotpromotedPostWant to be a MAGNET of Good Things?angiechin28 (45) in teammalaysia •  13 hours ago(Photo source: Google)Have you ever wondered why some people have it all and some don’t? The feelings can be pretty sucky when you think about how hard you’ve tried but nothing seems to ever turn out right. You probably thought you are cursed.Yes, some people works hard to get to where they are today. But not ALL those that works hard gets to be where they wanted to be.So what’s wrong with this picture?Turns out, a LOT! But FIRST, let’s fix your MIND.Experts have studied biographies of so many successful people that came from all backgrounds and industries and most of them shared one thing in common, they all have difficult starts in their lives. But what sets them apart with those from those who could hardly make it, is that they all have strong will and determination to focus, work hard and just keep moving.Like the saying, “Fall down 7, Stand up 8”.

So how did they do it?It’s all in the state of Mind. You attract what you want. Some people call it, the Law of Attraction.(Photo source: Google)I first discovered the word Law of Attraction from this famous book, The Secret some 10 years ago.

I was 9 weeks pregnant at that time, and have just left the local Apprentice-like show “The Firm” (produced by NTV7) because my Ob-Gyn advised me that I needed more rest during the first trimester. I was this energetic bunny that just couldn’t sit still.(Guess which one is me?)Believe it or not, before I discovered the book and understand what is power of thoughts, I told my husband when I first saw the show advert on television (NTV7) that I will send my CV to the show and they WILL call me. I envisioned being in the show even before they called me. And they did. They shortlisted 20 of us from a pool of 400 applications.

Sadly, the producers had to ‘kill’ my character after the first task because of my delicate condition (I had to tell the producers because our first task was to sell gym membership and I had to be constantly moving with heavy apparatus and what not) and they didn’t want anything untoward happen to me or the baby. So reluctantly I had to leave. Nevertheless, it was an interesting journey indeed. It was from the show that I met Joel Neoh (founder of KFIT) because he is my team mate and he went on to win the show!.So yeah, I read the book to find out what Law of Attraction is all about and I was curious about how it really works.Basically Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

Regardless of age or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.(Photo source: Google)You see, I am a skeptic. I usually do not take any information on face value. So I tested the method on myself first to experience it and perhaps some things happen coincidentally but we all know that nothing happens by accident.

You basically attract what you want into your life just by thinking about it. And then you start doing what you need to do and put your eyes on the prize. The result would be pretty much what you wanted. It always does.Sure it didn’t turn me to a Millionaire even if I have sent positive thoughts to the Universe.

There are many reasons of why I probably didn’t. But I had everything enough for now and that is all that matters.The second time that the power of thought works for me was when I envisioned myself to organize an event at this high traffic mall, Mid Valley about a year ago. And I have successfully hosted them in February 2017.(Photo source: HerPortal)You see, this is how I see it, our soul is actually a spark of energy that resides in our body that fuels every inch of our cells to move us. They ignite the vehicle, which is our body to move and the one that control our actions is our thoughts.With the energy that fuels us, we are able to feel warm and cold.

We felt the jolt when we touch the electric wire with our wet hand. The water on our hand and the fluid (blood) in our body acts as a conductor that channels the energy from the electricity to our body. Hence, the jolt. However, too much energy will eventually kill. Hospitals uses defibrillators to channel energy to resuscitate human’s heart in attempts to bring it back to live.(Photo source: Google)So what happens when our soul leaves the body? Well, we’re dead, literally leaving a useless body aka the suit.

Yup, we are all that bunch of energies in suits.Basically, you attract things to come into your life using thoughts and actions. Because you pull them with your energy.

You send the thoughts to the universe and like a magnet, it brings the things you want into your life. Only if you do it right and consistently.I am intrigued with what I have learnt.

It may seem unclear to you now, but open your heart and mind to learn about this and you will be amaze.This is exactly what I hope to share in our next event “Be a MAGNET of Good Things” this 22 December 2017 (Friday, 12.30pm – 5.

00pm). Because we’re generous, we extended the get together from 3.30pm to 5.00pm.We will have a practitioner coming to explain how this Law of Attractionworks and WILL teach techniques/tips that you can do every day to attract them into your lives. We will also have a session to just share our power of thoughts experiences and learn from one another.On top of that, we will have a resident Tarot reader that will answer one question from each of participants in a private, face to face session.What’s more interesting is to share with the participants about an online platform where they can post contents and earn income without having to put so much energy (well brain power & consistency may be required) – with no money down.

And to those already has an account from our previous event HER Conference, they can use this opportunity to learn more about:• What kind of contents that would appeal to the platform’s audience in order to get votes;• How to write these contents and at what angle to position them.The awesome part is that the main man aka brain, Simon Pang behind the platform will be there to share & guide!As part of our mission in supporting women in businesses, we will be inviting 10 aspiring women businesses to come showcase their products and you can shop last minute for Christmas gifts too.So what is the cost to you for ALL these?RM60 only! Inclusive of food & drink!. We will send you a menu to choose when you sign up.Hence we’d like to invite all you ladies (and men) to come join us and be open to half a day of learning (well, actually 3 hours of learning and 2 hours of mingling & shopping)! Let’s chill (and network) with each other and together we invite positivity into our lives!We can choose to continue wondering how things work or we can make time to explore and find out more.For more info and to register, visit HER Get Together : Be a MAGNET to Good Things page.

Limited seats only!See you there!So who is Angiechin28?Angie is a Mom with a mission (with a 10 year old daughter, 6 overweight cats and an overgrown baby man, ie: Hubs) is the Founder of, the first online platform in Malaysia that connects & empower Women & Moms to affordable online learning (coming soon!), shareable contents, job opportunities, resources and go-to market opportunities to earn side income/sustain via tried & tested channels.She discovered Steemit by accident after reading a friend’s posting on Facebook and decided to check it out because she’s too curious (not kaypoh ahhhh..) to find out exactly how it works. Since then, she never looks back.

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