Being Carolina University. Coastal Carolina University will help me

Beingin the business world can be very competitive.

Companies and firms are lookingfor people to hire with the best qualities. So, when out there fishing for ajob, waiting on someone to reel me in, I have time to think about thisimportant question: What do I have to offer to a business? I have time to thinkwhat makes me different from my competition. Yes, I am sure everyone can do the same thing.

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But the real question is,”Are you better at it?”. Here is a little insight on me. At 4:00 P.

M, my motherwas at the hospital in labor with me. Less than five hours later, I was born.There I was, Quanazea Amaree Kinloch. My birth story is the reason I am who Iam today; I always was a quick person, getting things done fast. I am anAfrican American female from Georgetown, South Carolina. I feel that my birthstory is the reason that I can offer any business a willingness to learn, willingto speak up in a work situation, and leadership role.            My future goals for myself are very ambitious.

I plan to get two degrees while attending at Coastal Carolina University.Coastal Carolina University will help me with this goal; I will get my degreein Business Management and my Master of Business Administration (MBA) with thehelp of Degree in Three Program. I plan to get good grades in my academicclasses. My career goals are to become a lawyer, then a business owner for alaw firm.

Even though I want to be a lawyer, I still want to learn the key strategiesof business too. Learning this new information will help me understand how to successfullyrun a business. I have even started making a business plan for a nonprofitorganization and a hair line.

            Now that I am in college, I hope thatmy education will help me expand to different horizons and meet differentpeople. I hope to create new bridges and to learn even more with the previous educationbecause it is important to increase your brain knowledge. Learning is also importantbecause, in the economy today, we need more than a high school diploma to get awell-paying job. Some think that I do not have to learn to get anythingfinancially, but that’s wrong.

Getting an education can make the difference betweenbeing homeless and having a whole house and car. My earliest learning experiences,paved the way for me to become the person I am today. I remember when I was afreshman in college and I had to play a warm up game.

It was basically everyonein the class had to go around and introduce themselves. In my head, I thought, “Thisis a pointless game. It’s not like I am going to talk to these people”. Boy wasI wrong. There were plenty of people that I had a lot in common with. The oneperson that stood out to me the most was my friend Ashely. She was born in theUS, but her family was from Nigeria. I was ready to learn so much about her.

Iwas happy that I had a friend that was not used to my way of living. I learnedso much about her and the culture of Nigeria. When working in any field ofbusiness, I must be willing to learn.

In a business, new changes and the waythe company works is always going to be different. I must have an open mind. Whatpeople should understand about my unique way of learning is that I will nevergive up when I am working.

Do not get shy when I do not understand something. Beoutspoken on things. When I think that I am the only one that does notunderstand something, I am wrong because nine times out of ten there are othersjust like me. Truthfully, my learning happens when I am trying my hardest tograsp the concept of what course I am taking.

Willingnessto learn is always a great way to go.            I hope that when I go work for someone, he or she can easilysee that I understand complex relationships. I also usethese insights to organize the world in logical ways. I believe in myself andwould not be swayed easily from my viewpoints.

When it comes to viewpoints, Iam very headstrong on my opinions, but still listen to what others have to say.Any chance I get to discuss something among my peers, I will make my viewpointsknown. When I go into action, I am very business-like and, at times, impersonal.In my career, I want my visions to become reality and can be determined inpursuit of any goal they set for me. Businesses need more people like myselfbecause, when hiring employees, employers want them to stand out. Employers needthat outspoken person with some ideas. I feel that, at any job, employees shouldnot be waiting to be told what to.

They should just go out there and do it. Forexample, I have worked as a crew member at McDonald’s. When we were not busy,we had a lot of downtime. During this downtime, my co-workers would standaround waiting on the superior to tell them to do something. But, while theywere just standing, I was either cleaning or getting my station together forthe next shift. I believe that, whatever professionaljob you have, you should automatically know what the job expects of you.

Managershate babysitting workers and communication is always better on the job.            I offer a sense of leadershipbecause I understand there will be times within a business that I will have tolead by example for individuals who will be appointed under me. I see myself asa leader in the business world. I like to set examples among my peers; I neverlike being a follower. For example, while attending Coastal CarolinaUniversity, I had to do a group project where we had to start our own business.I had four people in my group including myself.

So, as soon as we got into thegroup, I immediately took charge. I assigned what days we were going to meet,gave ideas for the project, and assigned everyone what they were going to do.When I am not in charge, it does not sit right with me. I feel that if I do notdo it, it is not done right. When you have great leaderships qualities, thisshows the manger you are responsible and you can be held accountable.

Responsibleemployees are needed to operate a business in order to build a strongreputation. Accountability is important because I understand that there will betimes within a business that I will be held accountable for certain task. Takingon a leadership role is where I could never go wrong. I have a chance to share myideas among peers and my higher superiors will notice me.            I came to conclude that to insure mybest success within a business is to I have to offer my best performance allaround the board. I must constantly keep my character, morals, and ambition incheck in order to be the most valuable asset to a business.

With that beingsaid, what do I have to offer a business? The answer is simple my absolute bestand to insure my priorities line-up alongside the businesses. How can I makemyself more valuable? Simple, learn as much as I can, when I can. The threequalities I have to offer is my learning ability, communication skills, andleadership.