Behind it at every aspect. When you are a

Behind every success, humility shouldbe in action. If a person does not have any sense of putting down some pride,then what is the point of gaining wealth and satisfaction? Humility pertains tobeing humble doesn’t matter how successful you are. It would be better when aperson is in the top of success but still stays humble. From the Bible, “All who exaltthemselves will be humbled, but all who humbled themselves will be exalted.”This literally explains that those people who are not humble; in the future,they would realize that when you’re humble is such a good thing.

Just for example,a rich person always boasts out his/her wealth. To other people, it looks soannoying because wealth should not been boasted to everybody, thus, it shouldbe shared to those who need some. Humility is often related withleadership. We all know that leadership requires having self-knowledge,self-control, and self-esteem. To be an effective leader, you must earn respectfrom other people. After earning some respect, there is a need to maintain itat every aspect. When you are a leader, think as a leader. Do not think likeyou are the boss and you are above of everybody else.

A leader should keep inmind that the followers are like his brothers and sisters. He must be fair ateveryone and everything. Rick Warren once said, “True humility is not thinkingless of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.

” On the other hand, leaders shouldfocus on their staff more than they focus on themselves. So, practice humility tobe a successful leader through some basic steps to help you lead. According to factarticles, when you are a leader you must acknowledge the opinions of yourfollowers. You should also be sensitive in giving out some announcementsbecause you might not know that all the things you ought them to do are onlybased from your own perspective of what is right and wrong. You must not takeadvantage of being a leader in your team or group because success will not bein your side.

You may not notice but you need to lower your standards at suchthings and try not to be unfair.In Les Misérables, a musical dramafilm directed by Tom Hooper during 2012 became famous at that time. One of thecharacter roles in there is Fantine who was portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

AnneHathaway is a famous actress born to have a golden voice. So she sang ‘IDreamed a Dream’ in the said musical film. Despite of having an opportunity tomake her voice while singing it so good to hear with the use of advancements inmusical technology, she still preferred singing that song with her own real andpowerful voice.

Though the outcome did not turn out as expected, the scene whenshe sang became successful. Later on, many critics and other stars would havethought that she would going to use some auto tunes. She gave justice to thesong that much at an extent of making a huge emphasis on her character asFantine. Well that sounds good to hear really enough.Akiane, a 13-year-old art prodigy whomakes millions from her paintings stays humble as she is. No one in her familyis very good in drawing or painting.

She has this unbelievable talent inpainting. She uses a lot of creativity and imagination by expressing it throughart. Since the age of four, she keeps on making paintings and then later on itbecame her hobby. All of her masterpiece costs thousand dollars or can bemillion! On her home, she is the bread-winner. Her attitude towards her familydid not change. She did not prioritize herself only but she also shares half ofher wealth to her parents and siblings who guide her and help her carry outspecific roles in her business. According to an interview with Akiane, she saidthat, “Being the money-maker in this house is a huge responsibility.

Butactually, when I paint I just don’t feel like I’m making the money. I’m makingthe business, but it just feels like I’m having the fun with the painting” Andthat’s how all her artworks are like magic. On top of the wealth and treasurethey have accumulated from her paintings, all of her family members stayedhumble just like her.The famous star Hollywood actressJennifer Lawrence acquired enough money to use for expensive things and to buyluxuries in life. Many people in Hollywood and even in outside Hollywoodrecognize Jennifer Lawrence as an inspiration for young and teenage girls andmake large impacts to those girls so that they can stop holding theirnegativity in life and move forward. According to a news report, JenniferLawrence said that “There are shows that are showing generations of young peopleto judge based on the wrong values. That it’s okay to point at people and callthem ugly or fat. We have to stop treating each other like that and stopcalling each other fat.

” She was very humble despite being that so admiredwoman that everybody would not count the chance to be like her. As you know Johnny Depp who shined asWilly Wonka, Jack Sparrow, and others, he formed a huge name in Hollywood alsojust like Jennifer Lawrence. The spotlights that should be looking at him whilewalking along the red carpet got sad for he avoids people as much as possible.He was known to be spending his life all alone rather than being outdoors withsome other wealthy people. He is so shy whenever he gets an attention fromothers. Success is in his hands but then he just holds it and let it be therein his hands.

            There yougo. You know the people who become famous or whatever, they stayed humble inlife. Learn to practice humility amidst success and good luck to you!