Before if it will fit your setup or not.

Before I jump into the detailed review of the best ultrawide monitors, I want to inform you about their pros and cons.Just so you’ll know if it will fit your setup or not before buying.

Also, you can choose the perfect display for your build. As I said before, ultrawide monitors ditch the standard 16:9 aspect ratio for a wider 21:9 on a 29/34″ or bigger screen.So the main question is why should you choose ultrawide over a single or multiple standard monitor setup?Well, first of all, ultrawide monitors offer an immense amount of screen estate without the need for buying dual or triple monitors. You would be able to see a great amount of content on a single screen.

Thus, one ultrawide monitor can replace multiple monitors.You can even use it for console gaming to save both space and money.Although ultrawide monitors are becoming popular day by day, you still need to know if it will fit your setup or not. So check out the benefits of purchasing an ultrawide monitor and also the problems you’ll have to deal with.First, the advantages. Here are the 4 main reasons to consider of buying an ultrawide monitor- 1. YOU’LL BE MORE PRODUCTIVEPeople have used dual or triple monitor setup over the last few years. And they found that it boosted their workflow.

Now, Many users tend to buy ultrawide monitors as they’re more elegant and effective solution towards the productivity problem.Look, an ultrawide monitor can accommodate multiple full application windows side by side and some even take that to the next level with a four-way split. Since you are getting more horizontal pixels than standard 16:9 monitors, you actually do get more room to work in several windows at the same time.And finally, an ultrawide take up almost the same horizontal space of a dual monitor setup.But, getting rid of that central bezel of the dual monitors means you can have one continuous image on a massive screen. Also, with an ultrawide monitor, you can save space on your desk since it has only one stand.In other words, buying an ultrawide Monitor will certainly boost the productivity around your workstation.2.

MORE IMMERSIVE GAMINGIf you are a gamer then you’ll get more benefits from an ultrawide monitor rather than a standard one.The additional width and curved 21:9 screen of an ultrawide monitor improves the field of view in any game. So you will get a sense of immersion that you’ve never seen before in a regular display.With an ultrawide monitor, you’ll also get lots of features that will improve your gaming experience. Many ultrawide gaming monitors are G-Sync/FreeSync compatible. This feature prevents screen tearing and stuttering while you’re playing a game for a smooth gameplay experience.On a regular 1080p/1440p monitor, you’ll get a refresh rate of 60/75Hz, right? Well, Ultrawide gaming monitors take things to the next level by supporting various refresh rates up to 200Hz.

Believe me, once you play a game at 144Hz in an ultrawide monitor, you won’t ever want to go back to the standard 60Hz display.  Look, if you’re a serious gamer and looking for your next monitor, then an ultrawide would be the best choice for you.3. THE NEXT LEVEL MOVIE WATCHING EXPERIENCEYou’ll notice the difference an ultrawide monitor makes while watching a video in an instant.As I said before, the wider 21:9 aspect ratio on any ultrawide monitor provides an immersive viewing experience just like a movie theater.

Once you start watching a movie/video on an ultrawide display, the curved screen will absorb you right into it in no time.Also, many YouTubers are making video contents in 21:9 aspect ratio now so that you can enjoy them without any black bars.Unless you’re rooting for a highly expensive 21:9 TV, a curved ultrawide monitor is the best way to watch movies and videos with the next level of immersion.4.

THE SPECS ARE BETTERGenerally speaking, ultrawide monitors have better specifications than your typical widescreen display.If you are still using a 60/75Hz standard display, upgrading to an IPS 144Hz 1440p monitor is a huge leap forward in terms of productivity and gaming.Basically, by purchasing an ultrawide monitor you’ll be getting a lot more than just a wider screen. The best thing is, there are plenty of ultrawide monitors out there with different specs and features.As a result, you can get your preferred ultrawide monitor without much effort.Now, as for disadvantages, they have some negative aspects that may make them the wrong choice for you. Let’s discuss 3 of them so you can think it through before purchasing.

1. IT’S EXPENSIVE!The main drawback is obviously the price you have to pay for an ultrawide monitor.Because of the features, most ultrawide displays are a little bit pricey.

On the other hand, there are some affordable ultrawides in the market that you can get without sacrificing any major features.2. YOU’LL NEED A POWERFUL GPUUltrawide monitors usually have 1080p or 1440p resolutions and high refresh rates. That means your GPU needs to be capable of handling graphics-intensive applications without breaking a sweat.If you’re a PC gamer then GPU is a huge consideration before getting an ultrawide monitor. Unless you’re running a high-end graphics card, you’ll notice a performance drop in higher resolution.

3. SOFTWARE AND CONTENT SUPPORTUnfortunately, lots of old softwares and games don’t support the ultrawide 21:9 format.As a result, you’ll see black bars on the left and right of the screen. But relatively new games and software updates are coming with native ultrawide aspect ratio support. Besides, there are lots of contents in this format now!So this isn’t much of a problem. Just think about the works that you’ll want to do on the ultrawide monitor and make sure you’re okay with the compromises.So, should you buy an ultrawide monitor?In a nutshell, YES; Upgrade to an ultrawide monitor if you can.Although they have some disadvantages, most of them are not much of an issue if you can pick the right display.The good news is, more softwares will support ultrawide aspect ratio out of the box in the future.In short, the year 2018 is a great time to purchase an Ultrawide Monitor.Of course, in the end, it all comes down to individual preference and what kind of display you’re searching for your personal rig.