Before Alfonso d’Albuquerque captured Malacca in 1511. At that

Before 3,000-5,000 years, there are Malay people who were race of Mongolian from China; Yunnan, and Tonkin. During 2,000 years ago of traders which are China and South-East Asia and between South-East Asia and India. Indonesia was significant sources of spices, medicines and various food, because there are around 300 group diversity in Indonesia which are Java, Bali, Minangkabau or Aches people. In early century, Hindu people from Southeast Indian immigrated and brought Sanskrit to Indonesia. Afterwards, the flow of Hinduism into the Indians its continuing to the 7th century, the influence and credibility of the cult. It has expanded, especially among the elite.

In the end, the blend has become a national culture. State of social life, the living standard of the population is very different. Most of them are relatively poor. Their main occupation are cultivate, fishing, livestock, mining, and industry (Brown, 2003).

Parn part?The first arrival was the Portuguese led by Marco Polo, they desired to make trade route and speared the idea of Christianity in Indonesia. Alfonso d’Albuquerque captured Malacca in 1511. At that time, the Portuguese had strong military and then they expanded of control by building trading ports in many places in Indonesia such as Maluku to Melaka, Macau, Goa, Mozamption and Angola. In early 16 century, the Portuguese attempt to take control the Spice trade but it was not successful and the Portuguese lost power to the Dutch (Church, 2006). The Dutch was second arrival for the purpose of monopoly the spice trade and expansion of control.

When the Portuguese lost their power turn to Dutch, they began to build ports on Ternate and Ambon in the Moluccas (Grant, 1964). In 17 century, the Dutch created the Dutch East India Company became competitor to monopoly of spice trade to Europeans. In 1619, The Dutch had a conflict with Bantanese who was a native person in Jaryakatar. The Bantanese were drive out of their town. Finally, the Dutch East India Company completely occupied Jaryakatar and they changed Jaryaketar to be Botavia. And also they completed to expand of control in many islands of Indonesia (Moore & Freeman, 1973).

****Add in Oing part****Japanese knew they are lose the war in 1945 century. This news speared out over nationalist elite in Jakarta. Deeply information about Japanese are loser knew only Japanese and Indonesians by past the secret radio. After Japanese are lose the war, they gave independence back to Indonesians and raising the red and white flag. It’s name “yet-to-be declared Indonesian republic” on 16 August 1945.

Next day, older nationalist leaders are Sukarno and Hatta declared independence to national. They are wrote a new form constitution structure for Indonesians republic (Cribb, 2009).After revolutionAfter Indonesians gain independence from Japanese, Hollanda government gave all power back to Indonesians and declared to use constitution. In 1957 century, Sukarno had been appointed to be Presidential of Indonesia (Brow, 2003). The government thought Indonesia should has own national language and each state should get together. In 1965 century, a rumors about Sukarta got sick was speared out to Indonesian. Some military were ordered to subvert old government by Suharto. Then, Suharto was the second president of Indonesia.

He changed some structure of Indonesia politic. He called himself the “New Order” and Indonesia use liberal democracy (Church, 2006).