Before 49%american, 19% Africans,8% Scots-Irish,7% Scottish,7% German,4% Dutch, 3%

Before the first wave:               Hello my name is Bob Brodt and I’m going to explain paragraph 1. So most scientist believe the first immigrant that came to America where Vikings a group of them actually. It was around 20,000 years ago and a group of 1,000 Vikings came to America. These Vikings are ancestors of American cultures. 500 years the great European migration would began. The main transport to America was by ship.

They had to cross the Atlantic which meant around 2-3 months of well sickness,overcrowding,limited food rations, and disease. Now let’s go to the early 17th century. This when the community’s where all over like the British to New England and then went to Virginia.

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The Dutch went to New York and New Jersey. The Swedish went to Delaware. By the 18th century where the most prosperous in North America.

This the end of paragraph 1 now let’s move to paragraph 2.First wave:          In 1700 there were 250,000 immigrants this number exploded in around 75 years. In 1775 it was 2.5mil immigrants! When the revolution exploded the immigration number to 9.6mil in 1820 that was only 45 years! Now let’s go back to 1790 the American population contained around 49%american, 19% Africans,8% Scots-Irish,7% Scottish,7% German,4% Dutch, 3% French, and 3% other.

The second wave:       We’ll around 1820 the second wave began it was first primary Asia and Europe they came because of the American Gold rush. Some might have been denied because of the anti-immigration backlash which wouldn’t allow immigrants into America unless the had family members living in America. After this gold rush in 1830 there were around 13 million immigrants in America this exploded in 1890 when 63 million immigrants were in America. These were primary Germans and people from ireland.   Third wave:        Hi my name is Bob Brodt and I’ll be explains all you need to know about the third wave. The third wave stared at 1880 to the 1920s. Around the 1880s 87% of immigrants came from Northwestern Europe.

This contained of British,Germans, and Scandinavians. Then around the 1990s around 80% came from Southern and Eastern Europe. This contained of Italy,Russians, and Austro-Hungary. They came to America for a new life, jobs, poverty, and the WW1.

They would have to go onto a boat to Ellis Island. Only 2%would be denied. Then around WW1 only 3% would be allowed in. So they would experience being allowed in then around WW1 they would experience a total denial from entering America. So this what happened around 1880-1920.  Fourth wave:           The fourth wave began in 1930 and ended 1965. In this time around 4 million Mexicans came, 1+ million Philippines, 750 thousand Koreans, 750 thousand Dominican Republic, 740 thousand indians, 720 thousand Cubans, 700 thousand Vietnam, and 650 thousand Canada’s.

They came for a new life to seek refugee from the war. They came to provide for there families. Well before only 2% were not allowed in America but during the only 3% where allowed in. Some Germans to get away from the war were thought to be spies. Well there was an immigration backlash which caused groups of people called minutemen they patrol the southern west and this increased bored watch. These immigrants would change America with backlashes and some becoming successful just showing that America can go up or you’ll fall down.