Beep to the Las vegas airts. When we got

Beep beep honk honk I heard when I got to the Las vegas airts. When we got into the shuttle we started to hear vroom vroom it was 2 slingshots racing 1 was red and the other was black and purple. So we stopped got out the shuttle and starting watching it. Which one do yall think won? So when the race was done we got back in the shuttle we had to drop off some other people.

When the people got dropped off that we did not know we started to get turnt up because we was so happy we finally got to the hotel. It took a long time to get to check in the room it took 1 hour.We finally got checked in. But they had all us on different floors so in the morning they put us on the 17 floor. So then we was hungry so we went to mcdonalds because that was in the hotel. In the afternoon we started walking on the strip. That’s when i saw CJ SO COOL in the fashion show mall.

We started taking pictures. After that we went back to the hotel. Me and my older brother was walking around the hotel they had a whole bunch of stores. Every morning we wake up we go to mcdonalds. I started to get tired of eating that my mom did to. The next day we went to adventuredom inside our hotel it was fun until my phone got lost on a roller coaster.

We went to chipotle on the strip it was good that’s the best chipotle I ever had. After that we went to this hotel called New York New York the hotel look just look New York in the inside of the hotel is nice. When we got inside we got on a roller coaster it started inside the hotel then ended up outside. On are way back to the hotel we stayed at. We stopped to see the water show it was cool how the water was moving on beat to the song. When we got back to the hotel all of us was so tired we all got in the shower then went to sleep.

The next day when we walked on the strip we saw this man dancing we started watching my sister jumped in and started dancing with him and earned 10$. I was was happy for her. After that we went to the m&m store we customized some m&m’s. I did not know they had grey and black m’s. After that we went to the coke “a” cola  store the store had 4 floors. We tryed all different drinks from all around the world 1 tray was floats then all the rest of the drinks had wierd names and they was nasty. When I had a conversation with CJ SO COOL he said,be good in school that’s when we took pictures.

When we go onto the plane that pilot let me sit in his seat and take a picture. It took us until 2:00 to get back to columbus. My dad was waiting for us at the door.

My mom was happy that we was happy that we got on the plane and went to Las Vegas. On are way back home we was telling my dad how fun it was when we told him he said he wished he would have went to.