Becoming towards thinking about your upcoming child. This means

Becoming a parent is not something that occurs overnight. Rather, ones habits and activities must be geared towards thinking about your upcoming child. This means taking care of your body better than you have ever before. If I was planning on getting pregnant, I would first ensure that my upcoming child would be around the healthiest and cleanest environment. Too much alcohol has been proven to weaken fertility rates and reduce sperm count. Smoking personally or even being around second hand smoke can greatly affect the quality of your egg or your husband’s sperm. It can cause birth defects, preterm labor, and result in conditions that carry over even after you become pregnant.

Personally, I already do not drink or smoke and I plan on keeping up those habits especially when I plan on having a child because no level of smoking is safe for the baby. I would also plan to stay away from people who smoke a lot and request family members to kick the habit.  In order to assist with conception, one should also try to trim down a couple of pounds because apparently being overweight makes it harder for women to get pregnant.

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I am kind of on the skinny side so my main concern would be my periods not being consistent. That can interfere with fertility a lot so I would try to gain a couple of pounds. Regardless of weight, having an exercise routine would be good for you and the baby.  I would also try to get enough sleep because irregular sleep can also cause women to have problems with their ovulation.

 In addition to trying to stay within a certain BMI, I would definitely try to take folic acid every day six months prior to getting pregnant. Taking this vitamin before in pregnancy can reduce brain and spine defects significantly since it is packed with iron and calcium for the baby.  In addition to that I would try to get with my family doctor in order to brush up on any relevant family medical issues.

There are common fertility problems like damaged fallopian tubes, fibroids, cysts, or even poor egg quality due to how old one may be while trying to get pregnant. These are all problems that I would get ruled out to ensure a safe pregnancy and try to understand how any of the issues that have run in my family could also affect my fertility and pregnancy. I would definitely prefer to go to an Ob-Gyn because he or she could ensure that I am checked for any health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems, and STDs. I would also request my husband to go see a family doctor to ensure that he does not have any fertility problems that could possibly reduce his sperm count. I would ensure that I have a good relationship with the doctor and make sure he or she is the one that I will want to continue seeing throughout my pregnancy.  I would personally want a hospital delivery. Just because if something extremely wrong does occur at the hospital they might be able to prevent a death.

 Unfortunately, I am not so sure that a midwife would be able to do that for me. Even though this situation might only apply to having a second child, I still don’t think midwives would know whether or not to provide me with Rhogam, the Rh(D) immune globulin medication necessary to prevent the immune system of Rh negative mothers from attacking their potentially Rh positive babies. This is just an example of one medical measure that I am familiar with. I am sure there could also be other conditions that midwives aren’t necessarily taking into consideration both during or following the pregnancy. Just to ensure and cover all of my basis, I would like to be delivering in a hospital around medical doctors.  I know that pregnancy can really change someone radically.

I am hoping that when the time comes, it will change me for the better. I would like to start thinking more selflessly, spending money more wisely, and start exemplifying better morals.