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Barco Projection SystemsDecision case Company Background:Barco Projection systems is the second largest division of Barco N.V Headquartered in Belgium. This specific division was formed to pursue the technology of video projection. It designed manufactured and sold sophisticated video projectors for industrial use and applications. Those projectors can be used to project images and information on to large screen. What makes BPS stands out is their scan rate, which measure the speed at a projector was able to process electronic signal. BY 1989, BPS has 3 lines of projectors: those are  Video, data and graphics, projector and they are the leaders in the entertainment, training and presentation market. The company is currently obtaining 55 percent of the graphic projector market share with 2 percent annual growth potential Case Overview:One month ago the Sony corporation surprised BPS by unveiling it’s 1270 type projector this projector has a big competitive advantage over the in terms of video image and resolution and is rumoured priced 20-40 percent below the established market price in its relative performing class. Now the company must respond to it and come up with solutions.  Strength: and strategy of the company ,Emphasis and commitment on research and development, in the last 10 years the company committed  10 percent of the company turnover dedicated to the research and development program. Distribution advantage as Barco’s projector has a dealer reputation for its high quality and reliability. All those are a great sign of customer loyalty.  Just as stated in the article what makes them stand out is the scan rate, with three different types of projector, not only give different user different pricing level option but also the level of combability is different. The low-end Video projectors was designed for combability with standard video sources, scan at 16KHZ the data project. The data projector scan 16 to 45 KHZ, and most high-end product the graphic projector scanning from 16 to 72 kHz. It is not hard to see in Exhibit 6, in comparison to the competitor of Sony Elecrohome and NEC that both Barco’s model are way ahead of its competitive when it comes Scan rate and resolution. The wide scan rate range allows the projector to be compatible with many different devices and therefore increase the flexibility for the users.The high number in resolution promise a better quality of final image. The company is also actively upgrading their system and matching their scanning frequency along with the most recent technology or devices.

According to table c: BPS takes on more than 55% of the market share for the highly sophisticated video projector, this is a very great sign as we can see that they have built the customer loyalty and reputation 

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