Background for application · Explore which physical properties and


The agriculture industry is
one of the most important industries in the world because it is where food is
derived from, and most of the global human population lives on a diet based on
staples. Among all the staples, rice is one of the major commercial grains
worldwide, along with corn and wheat 1. Being such an important crop, it
calls for the need of good quality assurance. Fortunately, in the recent years,
automatic inspection systems with machine vision capabilities have proved to be
effective for quality assurance of food products and have been replacing human
efforts, which can be unreliable at times 1, 2.

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The purpose of this research
proposal is to determine how machine vision can be best utilized to carry out
quality inspection of rice by analyzing and comparing the various methods
employed to inspect rice grains.



The following methods will be
used to accomplish the proposed tasks.

Gather research data on illumination
techniques that can be used to ensure proper lighting for better image

Compare the various cameras available
in the market to determine best for application

Explore which physical properties and
qualitative characteristics of rice are important when it comes to quality

Research into the many approaches
used in image processing for quality inspection and determine which will give
the results that fits our application



The findings including the
following data will be presented to the team

Research data on Illumination
techniques for quality inspection

Range of cameras that suit our

Physical properties and qualitative
characteristics of a few common rice varieties for comparison

Image processing configurations that
can help produce better images for quality inspection.